Brookfield’s Drinan headed for greener pastures

Don’t let it be lost on you that a position is open at City Hall that should remain EMPTY and be removed from the heirarchy.


The City of Brookfield’s Economic Development Coordinator Patrick Drinan is off to head Sheboygan County’s Economic Development effort according to the Sheboygan Press.

Patrick Drinan, 38, who has been Brookfield’s economic development coordinator for the past nine years, will become the first executive director of the newly formed Sheboygan County Economic Development Corp.

Drinan, who is also president of the Wisconsin Economic Development Association, will oversee an agency focused on recruiting new business to the area and retaining existing ones.

The news creates a mix of feelings for me. Drinan was one of the few level thinkers at city hall. If I remember correctly, he has three degrees! He was also one to keep his head down and simply get the job done. He is a great guy.

On the other hand – I’ve made no secret of my feelings towards funding economic development. It’s a money sucking no-man’s land for taxpayers. I hope like heck the position disappears from my wallet completely.

Looks like we’ve got a campaign issue, folks.