2009 in review

Listen, I wasn’t crazy about 2009. I wasn’t wild about 2008. Maybe 2010 will be my year? In any event, for the three of you still reading, I thought we’d go back through the year and get you to suggest your favorite story.

No doubt the biggest traffic draw was the lawsuit. Whee! Just think, there were hundreds of people that had no idea the blog existed until then. Traffic spiked, but then stayed up after that, so I guess I should say thanks. 😉

The story that was the most fun was Elmbrook Superintendent Matt Gibson showing up on the national news over President Obama’s school-day speech. It was fun watching the hits come in as to how that developed.

Oh, and Patrick McIlheran called me “intrepid.” I mean, how can a girl forget that?

If you have a favorite, let me know.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    My favorite thing in 2009 was I took a trip to Ireland and lived an earlier dream of being like James Bond, traveling across the beautiful Irish countryside in a gray Bentley.


    Nobody cared when I mentioned it in August and since I’m 33% of the readership presently no one will care now. And yea, it was personal, but it was a big deal for me. I can also tell you I was the first inquirer to go to Cindy for some tips for traveling–before her latest revelation.

    And while in Ireland I got to meet and shake the hand of Martina McBride, a favorite of mine.