Do you really think McChrystal is that stupid?

Me either.

The chatter today is all about the General’s Rolling Stone interview. (Language alert!)

So McChrystal spelled it all out, an edgy reporter put it to paper, and now the President acting as Commander in Chief is demanding face time. There’s speculation McChrystal’s job is on the line. I doubt it.

I rather suspect the good General knew that when he gave the interview. It will be interesting to sit back and watch this all play out, but I feel McChrystal has made his point: Obama is no military leader. Obama is backed into a corner, and I just have to think that was a planned military maneuver by someone known for strategic thinking.

One casualty: I heard on the White House press worker who arranged the interview with Rolling Stone’s Michael Hastings has been fired. Seems like someone always has to go under the bus.