Integrating the sites

Except for a much needed trip to the grocery store, I’m working on the websites today. With any luck (is there a patron saint of computer geeks?) I’ll have it set up so that the other two sites feed to the one you are reading. That way you’ll know if there’s something to read there before you click over. Yes, it’s costing me in total hits to do it that way, but if I were the reader, I’d be really happy for that information. I hope you will, too.

Some of you have been with me through all this for a few years now. I know at least one of you is resistant to change, but I do think it’s coming. Please help me with a list of priorities to keep it easy for you to read.

I remember one of you likes the comments on the left, that it’s a quick way to identify if there’s been discussion on a topic. However, there’s some SEO talk that it might interfere with accurate rankings to have anything in the way of content, so I’m going to check into that. It might be we’re moving comments all the way to the right.

Finally, and I’m starting to feel goofy for even talking about it, but the travel site will be set up to stand on its own. Somehow that just seems like a good idea.

Ok. Time to fight the code. Maybe I should have lunch first…

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