Milwaukee, your government has failed you again

Oh, I know that technically MMSD stands alone, but if you were Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, don’t you think you’d have tried just a little bit harder?

Dumping “blended” waste into Lake Michigan is a disgrace. If you want your city, county, and state to thrive, you should have done something about it whilst in your ivory towers.

By the way, many of the Lake Michigan beaches are closed or under caution today. Happy summer.


  1. This is so true and a disgrace is putting it mildly.

  2. Point of order – Milwaukee County has zero power over MMSD.

    MMSD’s board is comprised of 7 members appointed by Tom Barrett (as mayor of Milwaukee) and 4 members appointed by the Executive Council of the Intergovernmental Cooperation Council (the mayors/village presidents of the Milwaukee County suburbs, excepting South Milwaukee, which is not part of MMSD).

    Nice try with smearing Walker though.

  3. This attack on Waler is Capperesque Cindy, shame on you.

  4. Sorry Fred, but if Barrett gets some blame on this one, then Walker does, too.

    It’s all about the poop and the politicians who govern.

    While Walker has no official capacity on the MMSD board, as county executive he still has a responsibility to encourage properly functioning services. The county is served by the system.

    What? No complaints that Iā€™m smearing Barrett? Some of you bloggers need to come to terms with the idea that Walker is not infallible. A little give and take would be nice.

  5. Agreed. Walker might not be directly responsible, but he is a figure head (or is supposed to be) in Milwaukee. How can you be expected to deal with the sh*t in Madison if you can’t handle the poop in Milwaukee?

  6. Walker has zero say in what happens at MMSD, Barrett is all over the place.

    This is just a ridiculous attack.

  7. So you’ve said, Fred.

    I think it has validity, a couple of other readers do as well, and shucks, it’s my blog.


  8. Well then why don’t you blame Walker for California’s budget problems then?

    He had just as much to do with that as he does with MMSD.

    You Neumaniacs are losing grip on reality.

  9. Winegirl says:

    MMSD is pretty much independent of Milwaukee city and county politics. That being said, I was privvy to the planning and development of the “deep tunnels” back in the 1970’s and 80’s.
    The decision back then centered around requiring city of Milwaukee property owners to pay for “separation” of their storm and sewer hookups. The older properties on Milwaukee’s east side and inner city have combined sewer/rainwater hookups, which means all the discharge runs into the same pipe. When there is a storm, and mass amounts of water run into those combined hookups, the discharge fills up the “deep tunnels.” When the tunnels are filled, overflows of sewage and rainwater results.

    SEWRPC, among others, decided that it was “too expensive” to require private property owners in the city of Milwaukee to pay for improvements to their own property to bring them up to modern standards. So the decision was made to build “deep tunnels” to capture all this. SEWRP also forced numerous suburban municipalities to abandon their own sewage treatment facilities and city wells, and hook up to the MMSD. This was done to increase the property base needed for the deep tunnel system. Remember “FLOW” anyone? The suburbs (FLOW coalition) had a longstanding lawsuit against MMSD, claiming they were forcibly included, taxed without representation, etc. As I recall, FLOW lost this suit and we are still paying extremely high rates here in the suburbs, for a sewage handling system that doesn’t work very well, and which subsidized the property owners in the city of Milwaukee. I paid more for a property with separated storm and sewer when I bought my home. I pay to maintain and replace sump pumps, backup sump pumps, drainage pipes around my property to divert rainwater from the storm sewer. We don’t discharge sewer into the storm system. Yet thousands of properties in Milwaukee have not paid for these improvements, and I’m subsidizing the “band aid,” that was built to address their property deficiency in an inadequate way. This is one reason for the underlying friction between the City of Milwaukee and the suburban areas that ring the city, including in Waukesha, Washington and Ozaukee counties. We were raped back then and haven’t forgotten.

  10. Oh, fred, simmer.

    The issue is one of leadership. Walker is the Milwaukee County Executive. Who else should be expected to influence Milwaukee County services?

    I’m not in anyone’s camp. I sure don’t like the way Walker’s campaign and his supporters behave, though. In the end, that nastiness is likely to influence my primary vote if it doesn’t disappear – and soon. You aren’t doing him any favors with your attitude.

  11. Cindy, you just don’t understand; Scott Walker can do no wrong, and how dare you even attempt to imply otherwise.

  12. If he was one ounce at fault Zach I’d admit it, Walker has zero say over the MMSD board, that is all on your guy.

    By the way, where is your statement about Barrett & MMSD?