Is Obama headed to a Harley plant near you?

Please, please, don’t let it be the one on Capitol Drive. The President going anywhere in SE Wisconsin is one serious pain in the backside.

I do have to wonder why he’s on a pleasantries tour with everything that’s going wrong right now.


  1. Winegirl says:

    The “plant” on Capitol Drive is basically empty. That operation was relocated to Menomonee Falls, at Pilgrim Road, which had a lot of extra capacity.
    The Product Development and Engineering Center is located in the newer building behind the plant at Capitol Drive. No one aside from the HD engineering and development staff gets in there. I can see no way that HD would allow press, cameras and entourages to get in that building. If O visits a Harley “plant,” it will be at Pilgrim Road.

  2. Ooooh! Good news Winegirl. Maybe I’ll avoid any motorcade after all.