The Walker crowd is strapping on their water skis

Mark Belling is bellowing about Mark Neumann. The Walker crowd – of which Belling is one of the head cheerleaders – is circling the shark in preparation for a jump, and since I’m not a huge Walker fan, it’s amusing to watch.

At issue is the Nuemann press release. Was it a mistake? Probably. Is it worthy of a huge chunk of Belling’s radio show? Only if you’re Mark Belling and need something to talk about.

Belling’s not the only one on the boat. A group of Walker bloggers started a Facebook page this week decrying the incident and swearing they’ll never ever vote for Mark Neumann again! (Like they were going to in the first place?)

I hope Mr. Neumann’s campaign is paying attention to the fact that Walker’s group has finally decided Neumann is in fact on the ballot in this primary. Like I said before, I think Neumann is leading the state, but barely.

I’ll be very honest and say that I also hope another mistake like that press release from Neumann never happens again. I’ll also say I’m very impressed Neumann called into the show this afternoon. He made Belling look like an idiot. Oh. Or maybe I should say even more of an idiot. πŸ˜‰


  1. BrkfldDad says:

    Check out the following….

    I too thought it was close, all I can say is wow…

  2. Bdad – ask yourself how they found a list of Republican primary voters from which they could randomly choose 400 people. Wisconsin has an open primary arrangement. No one is registered one way or another around here. The words “random” “randomly” or “selected” do not appear in this press release by the Public Policy Polling group or in that blog post you gave.

    Walker may have that kind of a lead over Neumann when calling from a list of those paying dues to the Republican party, but I doubt very seriously that number is accurate among those who will vote on the Republican side of the ballot in September’s primary.

    Someone wants you to think that spread is genuine, though. Who would you suspect?

  3. CIndy, you need to come back to reality land.

  4. Fred, is that the best you can do?

    I have an email out to the pollsters: How were the 400 Republican primary voters surveyed determined? I notice there’s a 100% Republican response when asked.

    Will see what comes back from them.

  5. That poll does not reflect what people are saying up north, even in the heart of GOPland, like the Fox Valley.

  6. Capper is right. PPP is a good pollster, but this was an outlier. Neumann is not winning, but he is much closer than this poll indicated.

  7. Jake formerly of the LP says:

    If this is the same universe that PPP polled in their guv and Senator polls, it is a worthless pile of junk. I broke both of them down, and the demographics are way off of what Wisconsin is.

    70% of Republican voters are over 45? This clearly looks like a landline only poll of people with 262 numbers. Oh, and it was on a gorgeous weekend in Wisconsin where no one in their right mind was staying in. Bad poll.

  8. Who would have thought? Cindy and a bunch of liberals on the same side of an issue. The stars must be aligned.

  9. Aaron,

    Reality and the truth are both non-partisan.

  10. Actually, I find it more suspect that liberals are coming to Neumann’s defense than Cindy. After all, Neumann is a conservative.

    But for liberals to defend Neumann so consistently makes one wonder which candidate will be more damaging to the liberal cause, Walker or Neumann.

  11. Aaron, your accusations won’t serve you very well in the end. Not everyone likes Scott Walker best. Get over it.

    Capper, I’m writing about you later today. πŸ™‚

    I’m also waiting for a reply from the pollsters as to the sample group. I think I’ll give them another day before I call. Still very curious, though.

  12. Aaron,

    Perhaps it is because we know which would be less damaging to WI.


    Complimentary, I hope. :0

  13. I’m not very nice, remember?

  14. Ah, well, it wouldn’t be the first time.

  15. I think I’ve seen just the opposite, Aaron. In fact, I’ve heard a rumor that liberals are teaming up to support Walker at the primary because they intend to withhold the O’Donnell report until after that election. The report is expected to be very damning and will make quick work of Walker’s campaign leaving Barrett the obvious choice in November. Letting Neumann pass through the primary would mean liberals had no arsenal.

    Besides, that poll has Walker waaaaaaayyyyyy ahead. Why are you fussing so?

  16. Cindy,


  17. Fine with me. πŸ˜‰

  18. I like a nice robust primary, but I guess I’m becoming more and more alone in that regard since everyone wants to anoint Scott Walker.

    Do Walker supporters think Barrett and his followers will be less kind to Walker? They should welcome the chance to hone the machine.

  19. BrkfldDad says:

    Looks like any report being withheld until after primaries, just became a whole lot less damaging to Walker with the construction data released today. This is going to go back to square one, construction/design. I wonder if any of the county pension architects participated in the parking garage design, looks like the work of a similar group of bumbling idiots.

  20. Good morning. Agreed the latest news is good for Walker, but bad for the taxpayers.

  21. “The report is expected to be very damning and will make quick work of Walker’s campaign leaving Barrett the obvious choice in November.”

    Cindy, are you still thinking along the same lines?

  22. I was never thinking that – it was what I’d heard.

    Besides, I thought you were a big “nevermind.”

  23. Apparently not everyone has read the entire article.

  24. The part about a cause taking months or the part about shutting the garage for good?

  25. I’ll be writing about it, probably tomorrow (I want to check out one or two things first), but two points for now:

    1) The experts are cautioning that there are other causes that might be in play and that there is probably not just one reason.

    2) Walker has been trying to pawn this off for years. Now he has a grand opportunity, by claiming it’s “too expensive to fix.” Never let a good crisis go to waste.

    As I indicated at the top of this comment, there are other things I want to look at. There are some questions no one seems to be asking.

  26. Poor Capper doesn’t want the crisis to go to waste. Keep digging buddy, I’m sure you’ll find something to complain about.

  27. Funny that you mention not letting a crisis go to waste…

  28. Can’t fight the inevitable, Capper. Walker will win. It’s just his time. It’s nothing personal.

  29. I’m content with letting it all play out on its own. Que sera, sera.

  30. Cindy, is that you singing? πŸ˜›

    Aaron, it’s OK. You’re in store for a few surprises yet.

  31. Arod – It’s just his time?

    That particular assumption is exactly why I think Walker shouldn’t win. This is an election, not a coronation.

  32. Cindy,

    Nobody’s talking about a coronation. You reading what you want to get out of it.