Yes, I’m resting on my laurels

Heck, traffic went through the roof the last couple of days, and I figured, “why work for it?”

To be honest, I really haven’t come up with anything.

Sean Duffy is having Newt Gingrich in to rally his campaign on Friday. If you’re in Wausau, I’m sure Sean would enjoy the company…and the contribution. While I’m please with Duffy’s place in the 7th district congressional race, I am not a Newt fan. Can’t say I’d be in line even if there wasn’t a very long drive involved.

5th District Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner is keeping the skies friendly. He’s personally working with the FAA after a near miss during one of his own flights.

Senators Leahy, Feinstein, Hutchinson, and Lautenberg were rumored to have died this week. That was a pretty nasty hoax.

President Obama made a recess appointment of a Medicare/Medicaid chief. A recess appointment means none of those nasty confirmation hearings are necessary.

Let me know if you think I missed something important.