Dear Mr. Klauser: What planet are you from?

I bet it’s a planet that likes to spin really, really fast.

In case you’ve missed it, Jim Klauser was for Mark Neumann before he was against him. For some reason, this has-been in the Wisconsin political world wants to be relevant again and thinks that can happen with Scott Walker. Klauser made campaign donations to Neumann and has spent a few months demanding his money back. He does so in “open” letters that just conveniently end up on squawk radio, so I’m going to print it below:

July 14, 2010 – Mr. Mark Neumann

Dear Mark:

It has been more than five weeks since I wrote to you requesting that you return the contributions Shirley and I made to your campaign. I asked for the return since you had assured us that you would run a positive campaign focusing on the Doyle-Barrett record. You haven’t done that. Even in these last weeks you have expanded your negative attacks beyond your primary opponent to everyone else.

Your campaign treasurer, your son Matt, told me that you would return my contribution if I refuted your claims about your opponent’s record as County Executive. You echoed those comments as well. The numbers you cite for Milwaukee County include capital bonding of $251 million which is expended over a three year period and paid-off over 15-20 years. (This was done to obtain better interest rates) Your analysis of Jim Doyle’s spending did NOT include bonding (which is considerable under Doyle).

You should know, but apparently don’t, that much of what a county government does is mandated and partially funded by either the federal or state government. County government has no control over increases/decreases in such funding. A care management organization is funded at $256 million entirely with state-federal Medicaid dollars.

You fail to mention the substantial reduction in the number of county employees under Walker’s watch. In 2000 county employees on an FTE basis numbered 7,263; in 2010 the number is 5,256. This substantial reduction indicates increased efficiency in Milwaukee County government and a savings to taxpayers.

The bottom line is you aren’t comparing apples to apples; rather your analysis is somewhat akin to fruit salad. By the way you should know, but apparently choose to ignore, that the county executive vetoed increased spending every year; these vetoes were overridden by the county board with the result of increasing spending.

You have used these misrepresented figures to claim that the county budget has increased 26% since 2006 while the state budget has increased 19%. In reality, Milwaukee County’s budget has increased 9% below the rate of inflation of 9.6% which gives Milwaukee County residents a spending reduction in adjusted dollars.

Please return our contributions.

James R. Klauser

Klauser refutes nothing. Only a complete airhead – and I know you all are smarter than a complete airhead – would read this letter and think Klauser blew through the FACT that Walker has increased county spending at a faster rate than Doyle.

Let’s look at Klauser’s spin paragraph by paragraph:

#1 – Klauser makes claims he won’t document about spending. Head to Neumann’s page on the candidates and their spending habits. The campaign footnotes their work for goodness sakes.

Walker has a spending problem. Look for yourselves.

#2 – It’s not poor Mr. Walker’s fault. He INHERITED spending problems.

#3 – Has nothing to do with poor Mr. Walker’s spending problem. But you should hug Mr. Walker anyway.

#4 – Indicates Mr. Klauser must not have had breakfast before he wrote his letter. He gets a little fruity.

#5 – Needs to be read one more time:

You have used these misrepresented figures to claim that the county budget has increased 26% since 2006 while the state budget has increased 19%. In reality, Milwaukee County’s budget has increased 9% below the rate of inflation of 9.6% which gives Milwaukee County residents a spending reduction in adjusted dollars.

He doesn’t refute the faster spending increase at all, but slides in a different statistic in hopes of a diversion. And by the way, where’s the state information on percentage of increase compared to inflation?

Mr. Klauser: fond of fruit salad, bad with debate.

H/T Steve at No Runny Eggs


  1. While I don’t completely accept Neumann’s nifty spending charts, the Walker camp needs to quit sending Jim Klauser out and Klauser needs to get over it. He made a mistake and should live with it. Next time don’t endorse and give money to people in such a hurry.

  2. Why doesn’t Walker accept Neumann’s invitation to one of his town hall meetings, and the two of them can settle this issue without the middleman?

  3. Well there’s an idea. I doubt Walker has the chutzpah to show up. He’ll send lots of others to do his work instead.

  4. At these town halls will there be a boxing ring set up?

    Or maybe two cribs would be more fitting….

  5. *waiting for this blog to change its name to “Cognitive Dissidence”*

  6. You always get personal when you lose, Aaron.

  7. Dean,

    Walker isn’t sending out Klauser. I don’t even think they speak with each other.

    Klauser is doing this to get publicity. Simple as that.

  8. If Walker isn’t ‘sending out Klauser’, he needs to tell Klauser to stop talking. Klauser is a has-been. An irrelevant mouthpiece.

    Walker should just immediately SAY YES to a debate and stop looking like he is running scared of talking for himself. He is letting others represent his ideas and that is a sign of bad leadership, poor communication management and questionable confidence.

  9. Hasn’t Walker tried to hold spending to a 0% increase only to be overridden by the County Board?

  10. That’s right Chad. It’s not poor Mr. Walker’s fault that spending has increased. It’s that big bad county board’s fault. After all, he’s only been elected to lead the county. People can’t possibly expect him to follow through on his stated goals.

  11. I agree Cindy that it all comes back to Walker as the county exec, but like any point person who has differing ideas from those in other lower elected roles, he can only do so much.

    The Milwaukee County board has enough votes to override whatever the Executive disagrees with them on and Walker can’t just override the override, and even if he could, he’d look like a tyrant.

    When the County Board were all yes men to Ament, the pension plan was passed, and who knows what else.

    All in all, yes, I’m a Walker fan because I like what he’s done in Milwaukee County to try to correct the sins of the past, but I won’t go so far as to call him perfect; no man is, especially an elected official.

    Do you think that Walker will do the same thing to Wisconsin that Doyle has done?

  12. The Chad: I don’t know how old you are but have you ever seen the old-time ‘shell game’ on tv shows? Where, by slight of hand the person moving the shells around rapidly, while talking and distracting you, creates an environment where you lose the ability to track the movement of the hidden nugget underneath the ‘shell’? That is what Walker does with his supposed fiscal conservative budget management claims and verbiage. He is hoping to divert your attention to the 0% when indeed, he is increasing his budget (and therefor spending and MC taxes, they are all tied together) by submitting a budget that has already been increased the previous year. It is a ‘slight of numbers’ trick. And he touts his vetoes as another fiscal trait, yet he knows the board will override his vetoes and he can then progress with his budget increases and claim HE wanted the 0% increase. Now, why would you trust someone who goes through such gyrations to claim he is fiscally conservative when he could just really BE fiscally conservative and present a budget that is at 0% increase of his original budget when he entered office. I became aware of this game-playing when it was pointed out to me by an authentically fiscally conservative former County Executive who did not play those games. This CE has also told me Walker was not being honest in what claims he projected as a fiscal conservative. Walker employs the equivalency of a flim-flam scam artist when he uses these political tactics And he is apparently really effective at his ‘slight of numbers’ trick he is pulling on the unsuspecting victims of MC and more broadly the state, as he seems winningly convincing to his uncritical supporters.

  13. I love it when people look moronic by claiming someone a “has-been” while going out of their way to talk about them proving the complete opposite.

    Nice job Cindy, whoever you are.

    No one is sending Klauser out, he is merely expressing his views just like you doofuses do quite frequently.

    @Aaron, Klauser doesn’t need “publicity”.

    @RL, and you are? Exactly…

  14. Then how will Walker fulfill his promises as Governor? Won’t it be a similar situation?

    Any candidate worth their stuff is going to have to admit that taxes will increase and services gutted if we’re to get a handle on the debt. Unfortunately, that doesn’t sell well in a butterflies and rainbows (or brown bag) campaign. Also unfortunately, Scott Walker has proven that he can’t deliver. Spending is much more than when he began. There will always be unfunded mandates and mean governing bodies to stand in the way.

    I hear that a lot – that Walker did a lot for Milwaukee County. What did he do?

  15. Exactly, what, Zeus? Nice vocab.

  16. Yes, RL, Walker has made safe vetoes. You can see example of safe political maneuvers all over when you look carefully. Feingold’s getting ready to make one on the financial reform bill. He needs a no to “prove” his independence to his Wisconsin voters, and those who count heads know they’ll have the votes to pass the bill, so they are letting him.

  17. Walker would never go to a debate against Neumann because that would acknowledge the fact that there is a Primary race that he actually has to win first. Walker, and the rest of the GOP establishment, would much rather have simply gone through a coronation process instead.

  18. RL, “Exactly” meaning that you’re a nobody. But you already knew that.

    Do you have a real name?

  19. Ok Zeus. Klauser is an influential Republican player who only wants to see Walker elected, but wanted to see Neumann elected before he didn’t. He’s just that sure of himself and encourages us all to follow accordingly.

  20. Wow. Zeus. Feeling BIG now? Yes, I do have a real name. It is RLZeus.

  21. Zeus, I’m not sure what your mother told you, but effective debate usually doesn’t include belittling your opponent in the first round. There’s plenty of time to do that later. Right now we’d all like to see if you can hold your own with content.

  22. Fair enough Cindy but I am not sure why he should take any grief just because he didn’t support Walker from the beginning. A person does NOT have to wait until the primary in September in order to see the writing on the wall and want the party to coalesce behind the stronger candidate. “Stronger” not necessarily meaning more qualified, just more likely to win.

    Most of us on the right understand that both candidates are very close on most of the issues that matter and at some point one side has to lose and the other side should get behind the winner.

  23. Cindy,

    …and calling someone a “has-been” (especially when it is a huge exaggeration) is something your mother taught you?

  24. Aaron, as RL says then, if Walker is not sending out Klauser (They don’t speak with each other? Wow.), he needs to tell him to stop and he needs to say, “Yes,” to Neumann.

    He won’t to either one so …

    Like Chad, I’m a Walker fan, for the most part, I think; I just don’t like his campaign thus far. Hopefully, he’ll get it together before November…

  25. RL,

    Whatever I don’t like wasting too much time with people who aren’t brave enough to use their real names.

  26. Being firm in one’s opinion is important in politics. I think it’s very fair to articulate Klaus’ flip flop. Walker was a known candidate, but Klaus openly (and somewhat harshly if I remember correctly) endorsed Neumann. And then he didn’t.

    You do bring up an important point, though. People hate the idea of voting for the loser. Walker’s campaign has spent considerable time indicating he should get your vote because he’s going to be the winner. Neumann has done a great job of turning that into news that Walker is losing momentum.

    This is a race.

    Most candidates on the right are very close on the issues. I’m favoring Neumann because he doesn’t carry Walker’s baggage. I think that’s going to count in November. I believe Neumann is more likely to win. That makes him the stronger candidate.

    Here’s one other tidbit I’ll share. Unlike the hoard of bloggers who swear they will never vote for Mark Neumann again, last night I offered one of the Walker staffers my support if Walker is indeed the candidate after the primary. I would very much like to see that sense of fair play from the Walker crowd.

    Like I’ve said many times: choosing Neumann does not make me a bad person. September is an election, not a coronation.

  27. Well said Cindy.

    My main criticism of Neumann is his campaign ads so far…I have an idea of what he stands for, but only because he’s a conservative, not because he’s stated them. I’ve seen a fair number of ads trying to discredit Walker, and I don’t care for those kinds of ads from any candidate.

    If Neumann beats Walker in the primary, I’ll support him 100%, because I don’t care for Barrett’s policies at all.

  28. Zeus – you should meet my mother. 🙂

  29. Zeus. If you really crunch the numbers, Neumann has the best likelihood, statistically, to win the election across the state. There is a bit of Milwaukee County/City parochialism in the belief that as MC GOP goes, so goes the state. Ninety percent of the voters are outside of the Milwaukee city area. The race will be won in areas north and west of the major cities, and in the suburbs of Milwaukee and Madison. The two metropolitan areas (Milw/Mad) will vote for Barrett, not matter how much Walker campaigns. The rest of the voters like Mark Neumann in a greater quantity. In the most reliable recent poll tracking those numbers, Neumann beat Walker across the state. (Although polls are quite irrelevant until a month prior to the vote.) So, Zeus, if you want go by the factual numbers, and want to win this election, Neumann has the better chance. Also, Mark Neumann has been tested in a state-wide race in a narrowly contested battle. Walker is a newbie when it comes to real, tough competition. Look at how he whines when Neumann points out his budget flaws, and then ‘surprise!’ Klauser (without solicitation???) writes a letter to defend him. Like Dean says, Walker needs to say “Yes” and Man Up to the debate and straightforward discussion of the issues. If he were my candidate, I would want to give him a kick in the pants and tell him to act like a confident leader instead of hiding behind the Milwaukee talk show hosts mics and people like JK.

  30. Cindy. I think if Zeus’ mother knew what he was up to, she’d give him a talkin’ to.
    Zeus, it is not about bravery, it is about privacy. Get over it. And try to use big boy words to express your emotions. You can call me Lee if you really need to put a name with the responses.

  31. Chad – unfortunately the data concludes those ads work. I was surprised to learn that in one of my Pol Sci classes.

  32. Cindy,

    Choosing a primary winner before the late-as-hell Wisconsin September primary is not necessarily an indication of a flip-flop.

    Klauser never claimed to be “kingmaker” and decided early on that Walker’s momentum was just going to be too much for Neumann to overcome and felt it important to coalesce…. GOD FORBID!!!! Just like when Walker understood this last time out against Green. Klauser had every right to have made this decision when he did without all the name calling and exaggerations.

    I never jumped on the Walker bandwagon and still find time to defend Neumann at times. (Just ask my cousin Aaron)

    AND I definitely agree that conservatives should back the Republican primary winner. The problem is that you seem to think that everyone needs to be as patient and hopeful (maybe delusional) as you are in expectation that Neumann can pull out a victory. It’s not impossible but if you claim that it is likely rather than a major upset then you are delusional.

  33. Oops. I’ve had his name wrong. I need to go back and fix that.

    So everyone should coalesce as long as we come to our senses and support Walker. Nah. I don’t think so.

    RL, thanks for showing up. I’ve been telling people there are others who support Nuemann. It’s nice to find someone. (And yes, for you suspicious types, the IP indicates RL is not with Neumann’s campaign.)

  34. RL,

    It’s not about privacy, it’s about cowardice. Carry on suicide bomber.

  35. Zeus,

    I didn’t mean publicity in a bad way. By releasing a public letter, it was meant for publicity purposes.

  36. Cindy,

    “So everyone should coalesce as long as we come to our senses and support Walker. Nah. I don’t think so.”

    So this is your example of “holding your own with content”?

    Are you saying that Klauser and others who truly believe the Republican nomination ship has already sailed shouldn’t suggest coalescing before September?

  37. Zeus, I need to ask – – have you actually crunched the numbers like I said? I have looked in to it, and while I am not mathematical, one can easily look at the percentages do a projection that is not delusional. I am amazed at the vitriolic vocabulary you have at your disposal. I may keep posting just so I can build my mean-girl vocab. You are exactly why I don’t use my full name. Thanks for proving a point.

    Cindy. Wow. You put up with this all the time? There are a lot more Neumann supporters than you realize. Most just won’t engage in the viciousness that transpires when they defend their candidate. Zeus. Case in point.

  38. I think my content is sufficient, thanks.

    You are welcome to suggest we agree before September. I suggest you stand behind Mark Neumann if you’d like to offer a united front.

  39. RL,

    I have crunched the numbers and have personally told Klauser that I think the final numbers will be closer than most are willing to admit. But unlike your numbers it would still be a long shot for Neumann, period.

    And quit your crying. You’re the coward that won’t even give your real name and I’m the bad guy? LOL!

    “There are a lot more Neumann supporters than you realize. Most just won’t engage in the viciousness that transpires when they defend their candidate”

    EVEN funnier!

  40. Zeus. Are you a real journalist?

  41. No, but he knows Klauser personally.

  42. Thank, Aaron. Maybe that’s why he didn’t like Klauser being described as a ‘has-been”.

  43. Zeus, your link is to the Catholic Association of Latino Leaders. I’m curious. Are the comments on this blog official of the group or are they your own?

  44. Cindy,

    I have yet to endorse a Republican candidate for Governor. I think it’s a mistake to support too early, unless you are on the campaign, simply for the reason we are debating now. I have met with both of the candidates and spoke with Klauser before and after he supported Neumann.

    I am not biased either way, ask Aaron. I, unlike you or the suicide bomber, am trying to see who runs the better campaign and will wait until closer to the primary to make my final decision.

    Personally, I think Mark Neumann is technically more qualified, but at this moment in time he is running an inferior campaign and has an unlikely chance to make enough impact. That’s just my unbiased honest opinion.

  45. Zeus. Stop with the name-calling already.

  46. That’s quite a circle you just drew, Zeus. We should all agree on Walker because the primary is in September, but you haven’t endorsed a candidate yet. And to top it all off, you’re happy to vote for the lesser qualified candidate because of course, you’re unbiased.

    Blogging definitely holds a unique set of amusements. Put circling commenters on that list.

  47. The more rabid in defense one gets for Walker, the more questionable Walker looks. I mean, does Walker have something to hide, and is that why his supporters are extremely sensitive to content like this?

    I think the Walker camp would do itself a favor if their supporters would calm down instead of jumping on pro-Neumann supporters and content like a pack of hungry wolves.

    Everyone has a right to their own opinion, right?

  48. Bless you, Cindy. Now excuse me while I go put a bomb in my underwear.

  49. I am a leading member of the Catholic Association of Latino leaders. I am heading up a local chapter here for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee (Wisconsin).

    If you are asking whether or not my comments on your blog are official statements of my organization, I think the answer is obvious….NO.

    My comments are my comments and the reason why I ALWAYS use my real name.

  50. But your name is Jesus and you use the name Zeus.

    I could freak everyone out and go into the theological implications of such a transition, but we’ll just let it stand that you haven’t used your real name here.

    (Technical point, but I’ll take it.)

  51. I thought the same thing, Cindy. Thanks for stating it. And, Greg, comments appreciated. You sound quite rational.

  52. Cindy,

    No need to freak more people out on top of the Walker fans who cannot believe there is a Milwaukee-area conservative blogger who actually LIKES Mark Neumann.


    I suppose some are already thinking the apocalypse is near because of that.

  53. Cindy,

    Are you even paying attention? Obviously NOT.

    I never personally called for coalescing. I said that that is what KLAUSER wants and I merely suggested that I didn’t irrationally see it as a personal flaw of Klasuer as you do.

    AND I also said that I believe that Mark was TECHNICALLY more qualified. You claim to be smart, are you able to extrapolate what that probably means?

    Sorry for the tone, but you did start it with this article…. Circle that.

  54. Ding, ding, ding! Round goes to Cindy.

    (They usually do. It’s my blog after all.)

  55. Cindy,

    Everyone that knows me, knows me as ZEUS. Including, but not limited to Mark Neumann, Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, Paul Ryan and Jim Klauser. Not to mention Aurora Health Care, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, Numerous Archbishops and everyone else that I know and do business with. Do you realize how many Jesus Rodriguez there are? I use Zeus so that it IDENTIFIES ME so there is no mistake.

    Oops…. now what?

  56. We call him Zeus because Jesus pronounced in Spanish is Heyzeus. The idea is that people were calling out to him saying hey Zeus.

    In regard to Walker supporters, I think their defense of Walker is no more rabid than the accusations hurled by Walker haters on this blog like say, Cindy. She makes accusations she can’t back up, and then tries to play coy about it. It’s actually quite shameless.

  57. Knock-out.

  58. Well thanks for the concession. 😉

  59. OK, I get Zeus’ point on conservatives and Wheaton Franciscan knowing him as “Zeus”, since those would be the people likely offended (?) by the name being affliated with a religious organization. But why would Aurora Health Care give a hoot over the name? Was that just a name-drop to look good? Last I checked, Aurora isn’t really that religious. Sure, they’re a nonprofit, but putting them in comparison with Wheaton? Worlds apart, in my opinion.

    And Aaron, I’m sorry man – but c’mon! On this site, the Walker fans are far more “hateful” towards pro-Neumann content than the other way around. Heck, every time Neumann has a press release out I see Walker fans mocking it or ripping it to shreds on multiple blogs. Does Cindy, who I believe is one of the few (if not the lone) pro-Neumann bloggers in the area, tear apart every Walker press release? I don’t believe so.

    Also, holding an opinion about an issue doesn’t equal out to accusations, either. I think you’re being extremely sensitive to anything Walker. If Walker supporters can criticize and bash Neumann in from several different angles, why can’t the reverse happen, and why can’t those supporting Walker tolerate it?

  60. @ Aaron. I am quite familiar with how Jesus is pronounced in Spanish and got the connection. I also don’t care if Zeus uses Zeus or Jesus or Big Dog as his moniker. I care that he was a bit hypocritical in attacking me for not using my actual given name. My grandkids call me GiGi and I don’t use that for my identity anywhere online. If I use my real name, I use my real name. And I have yet to bully someone because they chose to use something other.

  61. RL,

    I don’t think you understand Hispanic culture. Many Hispanic males don’t use their birth name, but go by what they’ve been called by family since childhood. And their secondary name is just as real and important to them as the one on the birth certificate.

    RL is not the same thing. The point is that Zeus doesn’t call himself Zeus because he’s trying to hide his real identity. It appears that you are. And although I won’t say that all people who post anonymously are cowards, but many of them are because they don’t want to be held accountable for what they do.

  62. RL,

    The point is that Zeus doesn’t call himself Zeus because he’s trying to hide his identity. We cannot say the same about the designation RL.

    And although I won’t say that all people that post anonymously are cowards, most are because they don’t want to be held accountable for the things they do.

  63. Just to clarify – both of Arod’s comments ended up in spam. That’s why they seem to say the same thing twice.

    I have no idea why things suddenly end up in spam. No idea whatsoever.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Aaron. Who are you to say I don’t understand Hispanic culture? And who are you to say I am trying to hide my identity, or that I am shirking accountability for my statements? Frankly, to keep up this personal attack on someone you don’t know that really doesn’t matter to you, THAT is cowardly, and kind of creepy. We will never meet, and it doesn’t matter what my real name is. I am not professional in the news industry or blogging world as others seem to be. As Zeus has said, I am a Nobody. He meant it as an insult, but I am quite comfortable with my own private right to retain my privacy. We are citizens of the USA, no? Why do you find my anonymity such an issue that you must continually bully me? People post under assumed names and attack others –those are cowards and avoiding accountable behavior. I have not been the one making personal attacks and calling names…doofus, nobody, coward, delusional. Oh, I forgot, also Suicide Bomber.
    ( Yet is quite sensitive about having his buddy Jim referred to as a ‘has-been’, which is at least a descriptive attempt at identifying someone’s past influence without resorting to pre-pubescent vocabulary options.) I have not been discreet about my support for Neumann or distaste for Walker so what else matters? The more you push for me or others to put their actual name out on the internet the more likely I am to discredit any comments you make in general. Get back to discussing the candidates. You’d think this was the Lord of the Flies island. I came here to find out about issues and Cindy’s take on things, not to engage with male egos employing bullying tactics.

  65. Cindy. For some reason, my last post listed me as Anonymous. Finding that humorous considering the ongoing discussion.

    Aaron..the post was in response to you. Not trying to further hide my existence from you. RL

  66. “male egos employing bullying tactics”

    Welcome to my world.

  67. That did make me LOL. Sista.

  68. Bulling tactics? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    Frankly, I don’t care if RN doesn’t reveal her name, and I don’t care whether Zeus uses his real name or not. These are rabbit trails.

    The real issue is that Klauser is right. Neumann is comparing apples to meatloaf and has pissed off a lot of conservatives in the process. And these conservatives aren’t necessarily big Walker supporters, they just know that Neumann is spouting off trying to get attention.

    What’s really ironic is that Neumann told me personally that if he and Walker had to vote on 100 pieces of legislation, they would vote the same way on each piece. Now Neumann is trying to allege that Walker’s policies are worse than Doyle’s.

    I think Neumann has a personality disorder.

  69. What? You guys play tag team?

    Listen, Aaron. The fact that you “think Neumann has a personality disorder” means you aren’t worthy to scrape off the bottom of my shoe. You are an idiot to use such an attack. You honestly think you’re doing Walker a favor?

    That should be understood in any culture.

  70. Cindy,
    Greg (I hope you weren’t serious with your last comment to me),
    RL/Gigi (didn’t realize you were a girl, BTW, how could I?),

    Well it’s been fun. And Zeus Rodriguez IS my real name, no matter if Gringos understand that or not…

    The irony is is that we will all be voting for the same guy come November, if we’re smart.

    I’m really a nice guy, hopefully you guys will witness it first hand someday even if you get to know me and I don’t realize it’s you. 😉

    I looked over all my posts and realize that I did start off too harsh, for that I apologize. Maybe Cindy and Gigi feel the same way.


  71. “means you aren’t worthy to scrape off the bottom of my shoe”

    Thank you, I accept your apology…. LOL

  72. I can’t help but think a real American wouldn’t have just called me a Gringo. I do not get the the cultural divide you force.

    I do not get it at all.

  73. Zeus. Do you understand how offensive ‘Gringo’ is?
    You may be a nice guy, but you are rather clueless when it comes to acceptable language. That is not OK. OK?

  74. You two clearly know as much about what a “real American” is as you do what a Gringo is… TOO funny!

  75. Zeus. If you are an example of a typical Walker supporter’s charming personality characteristics, he can have you.

  76. Refer to post 44…

  77. No doubt the two little boys will skip out of the room thinking they rule the world. What’s kind of sad is they pretty much shut down all other discussion. It’s probably their goal, but it’s still a bummer.

  78. “No doubt the two little boys will skip out of the room thinking they rule the world”


    Even though Cindy is the one who stopped real debate at post 38 after that she stated nothing of substance.

  79. “Listen, Aaron. The fact that you “think Neumann has a personality disorder” means you aren’t worthy to scrape off the bottom of my shoe. You are an idiot to use such an attack. You honestly think you’re doing Walker a favor?”

    This is a perfect example of a Neumann supporter taking it too far.

    The comment of a personality disorder was hyperbole meant to emphasize the fact that some politicians are two-faced.

    Neumann can tell me one thing at a Hispanic gathering, but say something else entirely to the media.

    Clearly, the two men cannot be ideologically identical, as Neumann stated, but enact widely different policies as Neumann has also stated.

    And Zeus is right, btw. You don’t really debate. You attack. You publish posts about Walker making statements you can’t support, then you act stunned when people call you to task on them. Perhaps if you posted commentary you can back up, you wouldn’t run into this problem.

  80. Right. Because claiming Neumann has a personality disorder is completely within bounds.

    I like the work I do. Fortunately the 800 hits I’ve had so far today weren’t all you and your charming cousin. Maybe someone else out there likes it too.

  81. ahh thanks…

  82. Aaron. It would be nice if you could use words that actually mean what is intended. You choose ‘personality disorder’ when you could pick a gazillion other options (you are a professional journalist, correct?) and then attack Cindy for calling you out on a personal attack of someone, and then (hang with me on this horribly long sentence) you claim literary intellectualism and ‘hyperbole’ (instead of just apologizing for insulting anyone with mental illness or a real personality disorder) and you close up your argument based on attacks by attacking Cindy’s statements as attacks?? Whooa. What a ride.

    As to your point on Neumann’s supposed two-faced disorder and inability to understand compatible ideological similarities yet approach policy in differing manners, I would refer you back to the post of Neumann as a better candidate, technically (Zeus 44), and perhaps has a superior method to enact policies than a candidate less adept. Additionally, we likely have ideological compatibility yet I contend I would approach most situations diametrically opposite of you. That does not make me two-faced or hypocritical in behavior, as you imply is the case with Neumann.

  83. Kind of spooky RL. I have no idea who you are, but I feel like I’ve been cloned. Want to go rule the world? 😉

  84. I have been reading all of this with a big smile. Zeus, if you are all you claim to be, don’t you have something better to do? It’s great that we are able to have this kind of discourse but what is really important is that SW won’t debate MN. How come? Is SW affraid he will look like the rino he is?

  85. I live outside of MC and don’t know who this Klauser guy is but I’ve never heard of someone asking for a contribution back. Does he now need the money? Is he not good to his word? If he thinks he made a mistake, get over it and learn from it. But most of all, go away.

  86. WJM3 Where have you been all day? Welcome! This is my first day of visiting this site and it has been a doosie. Or doosey?

    Klauser is a former Tommy Thompson executive staff, deputy governor type. While Aaron (or Zeus) claims he doesn’t call himself a ‘king-maker’, he is an old-school political, backroom deal-maker kind of GOP issue, from what I gather. The type of political hack that is no longer en vogue. He first was for Neumann and then /and is for Walker. (Perhaps the flip-flopping tendencies is what binds these two together.) I get the feeling his nose is really out of joint because Neumann didn’t follow his commands, but Walker is eager to comply – – anything to get the governorship position he (Walker) was promised if he would drop out of the last guv race against Mark Green. I have not followed politics until this race, but evidently this Klauser guy is a Big Player. Or was. His friends don’t like him being referred to as a ‘has-been’, but I like your suggestion that he just ‘go away’. I am not a Walker supporter, but I think every time Klauser surfaces with his attacks on Mark and shows support for Walker, and Scott Walker allows him to meddle in the campaign, he hurts the Walker effort.

  87. Cindy @#83. I like your commentary and am glad I happened upon your site today. And, yes, I’m up to the offer of world dominion. 🙂

  88. @RL – I’ve been at work all day. And unlike Josh (see MN FB page) when I’m at work, I work. I understand that SW has been running for Gov since 3.24.06 when he dropped out of the previous race. But this Klauser guy, what makes him so important to some? If he is really a big player, he should have been for the career political insider all along. By his actions in this race he is just another flip flopper so he is where he belongs. I hope MN spent his donation on the commercials on WISN today.

  89. Well, WJM3, I agree with you on the expenditure suggestion….I was delighted with the marketing approach of those commercials today. They were great!

  90. WJM3,

    I never claimed to be anything or anyone except Zeus Rodriguez. But to answer your question, ABSOLUTELY! LOL.

    Unfortunately I have a penchant for sticking up for my friends. Cindy is just mad because my friend changed his mind and she doesn’t like it. RL chooses to hide in anonymity and throw barbs at people she doesn’t even know because it makes her feel safe. (Chuckle)

    And you are?

  91. OH AND…. for the record I ABSOLUTELY believe that Scott should debate Mark, I always have and think Scott is making a mistake by not doing so.

  92. I am a concerned conservative who doesn’t want to see conservatives get a bad name if SW becomes Gov. The people who count have figured it out already and I have always been against people who get letters printed in news papers signed name withheld. I am William J. Mauer, III. I know who RL is and she is a great lady who has been the subject of some very personal attacks by SW supporters so I can understand her position. Glad to hear you’re for debates.

  93. Nice to meet you.

    Good night everyone and I will try to make better use of my time tomorrow. It was fun while it lasted.

    Cindy, I will tell James you said hello and that you send your best and tell Mark Zeus said, “What up?”

  94. Be nice to Cindy,

    She is has a degree in poli-sci and thinks a great deal of herself.

  95. Sorry UmmNo. You got caught in the spam filter.

    Well, I do have a poli-sci degree and I do think a lot of my efforts, but as you can see, no one but you finds that a reason to be nice to me.

    I appreciate your concern, though, and hope this isn’t keeping you up at night. I sure hope Zeus lets you live considering you don’t identify yourself. 😉

  96. HEY,Zeus! Someone is not using their real name!

    Yes, as Bill explained, I am very cautious about posting with my actual name because I had an experience with an unstable SW supporter that culminated in some threatening behavior and very directed personal attacks using intimidating and abusive tactics in a public blog forum. Privacy lesson learned, don’t really care if Zeus gets that or not. When I registered for my first comment, I had no clue as to who was a part of this group. When I was called a suicide bomber, I was a bit alarmed, mostly amused, but have come to realize Zeus is likely just being Zeus.

    Cindy should think a great deal of herself, she has to put up with a great deal here.