Russ Feingold to Wisconsin: Don’t cry for me

I have $4.3 million dollars to spend on my re-election!

Feingold and Ron Johnson have released their numbers in advance of today’s federal filing deadline. Feingold raised $1.4 million in the last quarter.

Johnson raised $500,000 in a MONTH.

Feingold is taking aim at Johnson’s personal wealth, but I think that’s risky. No Wisconsin voter is going to sympathize with Feingold when he’s holding that kind of money. Plus, Feingold’s money comes with strings. Though he wants you to think he’s Wisconsin’s Own Mr. Independent, in truth, he picks up half as much from lawyers and lobbyists as he does individuals. (Click on chart to go to the original from the Center for Responsive Politics.)

40% of his funding comes from other states.

But there’s more! Feingold has been taking aim at Ron Johnson for holding BP stock.

Oh yeah? Well Mr. Feingold, in 2008 you owned a fund which owns bank and credit card stocks. Isn’t that a conflict with your proud NO vote on the upcoming banking bill? (Ok, I happen to agree with you, but I own banking and credit card stocks too and wouldn’t mind them making money, but at least I have the guts to admit it.) Heck you, you even have money into the Wisconsin Retirement System according to that report. Johnson shows WRS owned BP, which means you owned BP.

Between your public demand for campaign finance reform while quietly amassing one of the biggest funds in the Senate and your finger pointing when you won’t admit your own holdings, one might easily conclude you a bit disingenuous.

One fun thing about data is they also do spending. It looks like he’s living out of his campaign account. Here’s an entry for auto insurance. And what? No one does direct mail in Wisconsin? (If you want a diversion, go look at that client list.) I guess there aren’t any Wisconsin telemarketers, either.

Finally, compare Feingold’s money to the other candidates in Wisconsin. Also, has this current Wisconsin Senate race as the 8th most expensive in dollars raised and the 7th most expensive in dollars spent in the country AND IT’S MOSTLY FEINGOLD’S MONEY that’s showing up in the totals.

Way to show us your frugal side, Russ.