Scott Walker opens a brown blog

Or is it bag? I get so confused sometimes…

Anyway, I overheard the Walker guy talking about this Tuesday night at Drinking Right. He’s soliciting guest bloggers to front for a “Team Tosa Blog” on Walker’s website. The campaign wants it to be a real blog, by golly.

Fairly Conservative reader Aaron Rodriguez has the first post where he’s prematurely campaigning against Tom Barrett.

Isn’t it a shame Walker is limiting his campaigning to Wauwatosa? I sure hope Walker starts writing for himself soon.

Here’s the introductory post if you’d like to join in Walker’s fun. An e-mail went out to about 60 bloggers in the state and suggested:

We are asking bloggers like you to provide feedback, links, and even content of your own. By including you, veteran bloggers from across the state, we can provide a valuable and effective feature that will help Scott Walker get elected in November.

Or not. Anyway, I’ve done my part – even if I wasn’t on the original list. (And Mr. Walker, your first race is in SEPTEMBER.)