@scottkwalker “crushing” Barrett by 24 points among likely voters

That’s the tweet HQ sent out a bit ago.

(One quick-witted follower suggests he might want to avoid the term “crushing” for a while.)

Besides, it’s only half true. If you follow the link you’ll see the story is that either GOP candidate leads Barrett by 24 points among likely voters. Under @scottkwalker’s guidelines it could equally said that Mark Neumann beats Barrett by 24 points. Keep in mind the likely voters number has a monster margin of error as it was a smaller sample.

Here’s the press release by Badger Polls from which Walker’s tweet was derived. I had a couple of takeaways from this one. First Mark Neumann best work his backside off to be known. That does seem to be happening as he’s holding a number of gatherings across the state in the next few weeks. Next, the number of people who view Walker unfavorably is greater than the number of folks who view Neumann unfavorably.

Finally, check out the 62% who don’t care. Yet. When they come around, do you think they’ll pick the candidate happy to sling half-truths?


  1. The difference of the 2 GOP guv candidates? You get a Walker cartoon headline (Agreed, with a thoughtless play on words. Do they not think before they tweet?) that feigns dominance. Neumann’s headline, no-nonsense is ‘just the facts, m’am’: “Neumannn’s biggest lead over Barrett of the Campaign”, which is why I think MN is just more credible when it comes to any issue contrasting these two. It is way too early in the race to puff-up over this poll. Walker may regret his yippie-styled Chihuahua ‘big bark’ in the long run. Oh wait, maybe it is just political hyperbole. We will watch and see.

  2. BrkfldDad says:

    Hey, this is bleed blue WI.

    1, Obama’s stash will save me.
    2. Arizona is a ways away from the border with Mexico.
    3. @scottkwalker “crushing” Barrett by 24 points among likely voters
    4. Neumannn’s biggest lead over Barrett of the Campaign

    We might be smart, but I bet Joe WI Voter believes #1 and #2 (okay maybe only one specific voter does :)), and bites on #3 more than he does on #4. SW’s marketing strategy might actually play better amongst the majority of voters than we realize.

  3. Well at least you’ll feel better about Neumann’s latest press release! I feel really stupid right now.

    But hey, I’m just a housewife.

    (I know, I know, once Walker said it he had to hold his own.)

  4. “Housewife”? How about “homemaker”? That’s the term they used to use on game shows (back when Bill Cullen was the host of The Price Is Right).

  5. Really it feels more like a house elf sometimes, but not everyone would understand that reference.