Darn it, something’s bothering me.

That SUV stuck in a sinkhole just made the NBC national news. At the end of the piece, the reporter quipped the engine is still running.


From all the press it’s known this is a Cadillac Esplanade. Cadillac means OnStar. For goodness sakes, they run a freakin’ commercial about being able to kill the engine if the vehicle is stolen. Is this not a good enough reason to turn the thing off? Even if the subscription is expired, they will renew it in a heartbeat for a reasonable fee.

Now I know, there’s a chance they are trying to run out the gasoline before they pull it out of the ground, but if that’s the case then tell us.

Do you really, really think the news is just the news and not meant for entertainment? Something makes me wonder if the engine is really still running at all.

I will attest to my adoration of OnStar. Though I don’t use it now, my minivan days, particularly those when I was attending college full time at UWM, were much enhanced by their technology. Do you know that satellite signal will penetrate thick parking garage layers?

I won’t tell you why I know that.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    You watch NBC News ?

  2. Yes, I do. At least once a month or so. It’s my favorite local station and sometimes it stays on. Today it was watching the storm coverage that had me tuned to the station.

  3. Anthony says:

    Imagine the insurance claim for this one.

    If law enforcement requests an OnStar shutdown, they have to do it regardless of subscription status.

  4. BrkfldDad says:

    Actually, OnStar only uses satellite for the GPS function of the product. It uses digital cellular (about 5 time stronger than a regular cell phone) for voice/data transactions.

  5. Aw. So that’s how they were able to get through all that concrete. If I had a cell phone signal then they could (uhem) unlock my car door.

    I really do miss the service. We bought it until you had to take the car in for an antennae upgrade. Then I switched to AAA because it follows me no matter what car I’m driving. The spouse and I were just talking this morning that I need to nail all that down, though. I think I’m covered under a warranty the dealership issued and also under one of the credit cards I used. It would be silly to pay for a service three times.

  6. Wilson828 says:

    First of all – yes, news shows are entertainment take for example Sykes and Wagner and that nitwit what’s his name on WISN.

    (I can’t help it – I like taking shots at them – it’s so easy)

    I had AAA since 1972. Every year since 1972 I paid for AAA. Until last year. I stopped. They called me and asked me why I didn’t renew after all these years. I have GPS and I don’t need maps. I have an AARP card that gives me the occasional discount. They reminded me of all the other benefits and I responded, ‘oh yeah? like what?’. Like towing they said. Do you know since 1972 I’ve never needed anything towed? I have insurance that pays for towing.

    I don’t drive anything that requires towing or even comes close. I bet you don’t either.

    Get rid of AAA – and turn your OnStar back on – it’s cool. It’s one of the only things about GM that’s cool. I don’t have a GM product anymore but if I did I’d subscribe. It’s not expensive either. I make my dad subscribe to it – there’s some comfort that if he gets in an accident someone will detect the air bag triggering and call for help.

    But your readers deserve to know more about this concrete thing you keep referring to. We deserve the unvarnished truth. Shocking as it may be.

    Meanwhile … time for dinner in Dr Cty.

  7. I thought I already mentioned it – I locked my keys in the car heading to class a couple of times in a couple of years. The parking garage I always used was sometimes a couple of layers down, and it always amazed the signal would work.