The “B” Word

Apparently, in Wisconsin, if you are on a ballot and not a member of a major political party you are allowed up to five words on the ballot as a “statement of purpose” to explain your candidacy. Well, Ieshuh Griffin, who is running for office in Milwaukee decided the slogan that best describes her is “NOT the ‘whiteman’s bitch’ ” . My first impulse was to say ,’good for her’, she only used four words–but alas, ‘white man’ is actually two words.

As a Southerner I have discovered, much on the internet, that racism and it’s accompaning issues is not really as geographical as it once was. What I find most interesting about this story is that three of the six members of the Accountability Board–whose members are retired Judges–voted in favor of Griffin using her slogan.

Only a requirement of the Board needing four votes to act will keep Griffin’s slogan off the ballot. There are many ethnic and street words that I confess I have no idea as to their meanings. That is not the case here. I have also raised and bred dogs. Griffin’s explanation and the Board’s questioning is as good as any Leno monologue of recent vintage.