Scott Walker “crushed” something again

This time, according to his campaign website, it was a goal to have volunteers out and about.

I thought we already discussed this crushing problem, Scott.

Sadly, the county building maintenance problem is being played out all over again. This time a young man took a gash to the head after having a cement particle board panel land on him at Mitchell Airport.


  1. Wasn’t there a WW Wrestler named ‘The Crusher’ in Milwaukee? I think he is trying to sound manly. Tough. I’m not falling for it. Sheesh, you’d think those smarty-pants marketers that he hired would understand negative word referrals.

  2. That gave me a really fun idea. (insert grin here)

  3. “Barrett campaigns with injured hand; calls it ‘taxing’ but vows to reach November”

    I imagine the Barrett PR team won’t release a statement like that.

    I think the Walker camp needs to pick up a thesaurus.

  4. Cindy. I’ll be waiting. Wondering what you are up to next….

  5. what an image. can you make campaign buttons?