Dick Morris, slimebag?

Ok, maybe opportunist is a better description. Whatever word you pick, he’s on my unhappy list as of two minutes ago. He’s calling Republicans (and labeling them all conservatives) and trying to get a couple of hundred dollars out of them for some group he’s started. I’ll assume it’s a PAC but I couldn’t find it.

The pitch surrounds his Take Back America plan. Heck, I have no problem with taking back America. I do have an issue with him calling here to make it happen. And I even like Dick Morris!

First, it was a sales call – pure and simple. We happen to be on the no call list, so I think it was a violation. Oh, I know, someone will argue it was for political purposes, but I don’t buy it.

He’s just like Mike Huckabee and HuckPac and Sarah Palin and SarahPac and Russ Feingold and his blasted campaign account. They all want to use their celebrity to fund their car insurance.

No, really, I have no intentions of backing down from this opinion. If you are funding these guys, I’d have to consider you part of the problem instead of the solution. American politics are a fine mess even before you add all this PAC for profit fundraising.

A hundred years ago when I was 18 and in college for the first time I wrote a term paper about Oral Roberts and the robust income one could have “Praying for Dollars.” That’s what I titled it. These folks aren’t any different. They evangelize by preying on America’s fear.

Cut them off. Really, if you think about it, the profiteers aren’t acting much differently than Barack Obama. And how’s that working out for you?


  1. BrkfldDad says:

    My call tonight was some NY polling firm that asked about 50 questions, 25 of which were about Jim Sensenbrenner ! The caller was hysterical, pronounced Feingold as Feengold twice and didn’t know how to say constituent 🙂

  2. I don’t get a Sensenbrenner / Feingold connection.

  3. BrkfldDad says:

    The calll was peppered with Johnson, Walker and Barrett questions (No Neumann) too. It was such a poorly executed call I am thinking someone was looking for a Sensenbrenner weakness to exploit and doing it on the cheap.

  4. Sensenbrenner weakness? Try everything you can imagine except his bank account.

    His votes are fine, he definitely tows the party line, but all that travel is downright embarrassing. I never quite got past the last Copenhagen junket.

    And if it excluded Neumann I’d guess the WISGOP.