How messed up is America when someone will pay 20 MILLION dollars to throw a football?

Yes, I’m disgusted. No, there’s really no talking me out of it.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    I can see you have strong feelings here so I’ll tread lightly. Brad Pitt makes about $15-18 million per film plus negotiated percentages off the back end. He can easily make two films in a year (I won’t even get into Angelina Jolie’s salary). He, as well as all actors, can act well into old age. Most athletes can play on average 10-12 years. There are exceptions.
    And Brad Pitt helps make $24 per movie for every $1 spent on his salary. It’s supply and demand at the extreme upper end.

  2. Yes, I’ll agree, it’s supply and demand. My complaint is that so many stupid people create the demand.