Voinovich: Tarnishing the image of the Brown Bag

Here’s the article on George Voinovich’s (R-Ohio) plan to increase gas taxes and champion the economy.

Don’t understand the headline? Stay tuned.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’m glad he’s retiring.

  2. OK, I’ll wait. The Brown Bag tease is getting to me because of you-know-who and his brown-you-know-what who thinks he has his race ‘in the bag’.

  3. That’s funny! In fact, it’s one of the post titles I’ve been considering. “Scott Walker thinks it’s in the bag.” Guess I better use it now.

  4. The only thing in Scott Walker’s brown bag is his own hot air. And moldy re-issued ideas and slogans. A visual riddle for you: when you watch the regurgitated SW commercials (not only the idea but the same boring shots in each commercial, which makes impossible to distinguish them from each other – – but that’s ok with me, as Walker’s ‘ideas’ seems like that blahblahblah monotone stuff that comes out of the Charlie Brown teacher character) do you see how they end each commercial with an uncomfortable (to me) zoom-in visual? I hate to be crude in this commentary, so I’ll let you figure out why I think it is so subliminally slimy and distasteful. Remember, visual language is the first language.