About Obama’s big win for the Colorado Senate seat

Much is being made today of the White House’s big score in getting Democrat Michael Bennet passed the primary vote in Colorado yesterday.

New York Daily News shouts: President Barack Obama’s Colorado victory: U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet win good news for president

Politico’s Ben Smith says: A good night for the White House

The Wall Street Journal includes: White House Cheers Bennet’s Colo. Victory

Oh. And there’s this from MSNBC:

The Tea Party wins again with Buck’s victory in Colorado… But could the Tea Party end up costing the GOP two or more Senate seats?

I’m going to show you the real story.

Colorado has a closed primary. While the concept seems blasphemous for a liberal state like Wisconsin, in Colorado, one must disclose their party affiliation prior to the vote and then may only receive a ballot for that primary.

Total Democratic votes for the Bennet/Romanoff race: 340,537

Total Republican votes for the Buck/Norton race: 407,110

I haven’t seen any commentary that expects the Republican to win 54% to 46%.

I say bring on November.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    You nailed it. Unless one watches Fox they would never get this accurate account.

  2. I didn’t even get it from Fox last night. Frustrating!