Walker supporters hold out

No matter what, they still won’t admit they’d vote for Mark Neumann if the match up in November were Neumann against Barrett.

It’s important when reading the polls – there’s another one out by Rasmussen today – to understand what’s not in the summary. Today it’s a missing “some other candidate” phrase.

If you look through the polling by this group in the past, you’ll notice a 4 to 5 point difference in those who prefer some other candidate between Walker and Neumann. If you look at the number for Neumann, you can see about the 3% who will be voting outside the two candidates. If you look at the Walker number, you can find the other 4 or 5% who insist they will never vote for Neumann.

I had an interesting Twitter discussion the other day with Scott Walker supporter Peter DiGaudio. The peak of the argument is below:

That’s right. A chunk of “good” Republicans are planning to vote for Tom Barrett if Walker doesn’t win the spot come September.

And that’s just the way you can expect this game to be played over the next few weeks. They will be getting nasty. Especially, and mind you, you won’t see this coming out of Walker’s camp, since his polling is down a point against Barrett from the last round.

Talking points to watch out for when listening to the Walker Windbags:

Neumann is a RINO. (No explanation as to why.)
Neumann lies about Walker. (They won’t ever tell you when or how.)
Neumann is running a negative campaign. (Again, no specifics. It just IS, you know.)
Neumann is pro-ethanol. (Now that one’s a lie. Belling started it. Don’t believe it. Head to Neumann’s website to debunk it.)
Neumann builds Green Houses. (Well there you go. A businessman is successful by fulfilling the wants of the marketplace, and they call it a point against him. Challenge that Windbag to explain how a Green House is defined and watch them wobble.)

and my personal favorite…

It’s Walker’s time.

It’s an election, not a coronation.

The more I look into the candidates resumes, the more convinced I am that I’ll be voting for Mark Neumann in the September primary. I’m going to spend the next few weeks sharing what I find.

Here’s the main problem I have with Scott Walker: When he makes a claim – like he kept tax increases below inflation – it’s all his doing. When he’s on the defense – like taxes and spending have increased every year he’s been in office – it’s the big bad county board who caused it all to happen.

Do we really want to elect a man more skilled at excuses than leadership?


  1. They have a Facebook page devoted to it.

    They say we need a Republican governor in Madison, but I guess the only one they will accept is Walker.

  2. germantown_kid says:

    If Mark Neumann ever wants my vote IN ANY FUTURE ELECTIONS, he should back off of the gubernatorial race. IT IS WALKER”S DESTINY TO BE GOVERNOR because we all know he will make the necessary cuts that are needed in Wisconsin’d budget. Walker has a successful track record doing this–or do you want to dispute that?

    The Walker-Neumann debates are exposing both candidates to out-of-state Wisconsinites who will be electing the next governor.

    If Neumann resorts to negative campaigning of Walker, people like me will be very upset. And if Neumann becomes the Republican candidate as a result, I will consider voting for Barrett. I myself have not voted for a lefty Democratic in over 35 years!

    Are you getting the message? True, this is not a coronation but there will be other elections. Ya’ know what I mean?

  3. His destiny! How special.

    Thanks for articulating my concerns so clearly with your comment germantown_kid.

  4. Wilson828 says:

    I won’t vote for Walker.

    With Walker, it’s not about good government – it’s about ‘Walker’.

    It’s not about good decision making – it’s about spin.

    It’s not about good explanation of issues – it’s about spin.

    He’s …. he’s …. well he’s like Mary Lazich. Yeah that’s it … he’s like Mary Lazich.

  5. When Neumann loses the primary Cindy, will you support Walker?

  6. Fred, I guess you aren’t known for your close attention to detail.

    Why don’t you answer: When Walker loses the primary, will you support Neumann? I am very curious.

  7. Your anti-Walker rants are well known. I asked if you would support him when Neumann loses the primary.

    You did not articulate that in your post. Please answer my question without a snarky response and then I’ll be happy to answer yours.

  8. Fred, you only want to label my work as ranting so you can dismiss it. My reputation for fairness and real debate is quite positive. Perhaps that’s why you guys are so upset I won’t kiss up to Walker for the primary.

    Your answer is publicly available in this blog, but you are lazy. I see no need to make it easy for you. Besides, you didn’t answer my question either. Weren’t you a member of that failed Facebook group that swore they’d never vote for Mark Neumann again?