Property values down in Wisconsin

It’s official. It was a bad year for property values in Wisconsin. Guess what? That’s means it’s going to be a tough, tough year for budgets – well, that is, if you want to keep the voters happy.

It’s going to hit Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker very hard. Either they slash spending or tax rates go through the roof. In Brookfield, new Mayor Steve Ponto has a huge job ahead of him. That’s a separate post for BCN next week.

Remember when you start hearing the spin: It’s the spending, stupid. They know what they need to do. Will they have the guts to do it?

(Scratch that. Expect Walker to blame not getting it done on the big, bad county board. After all, who would expect him to lead?)


  1. Wilson828 says:

    That’s right – it’s the spending and yes they know what they need to do.

    It’s like anywhere else – you prioritize and then you shift resources to needs and not nice to have’s.