Scott Walker’s new advert

Ok, it’s cute. (Maybe that will get a few of you off my back.) But get a look at that road he’s standing on! I mean what kind of politician would admit to letting that road exist in his domain?


  1. They really should run the ads by you first. Yes. Why show deterioration in your own county when you are in charge? And someone needs to tell him how to tie a tie to get it to the right length.

  2. Now that’s a funny idea! Walker should totally hire me as a campaign consultant.

    Anyone know where that road is for sure?

  3. I do not know which street is pictured but I do know for sure that it is not a roadway for which the county is responsible. Although truth be told, some of them look just like that one.

  4. Rail is great. It’s just got to do more than connect two urban centers to be successful. Oh, and it’s got to be as absent of government involvement as possible.

  5. Yesterday, Scott Walker identified the road as being near Timmerman Field in the CITY of Milwaukee. In other words, it is Barrett’s baby.

  6. Kyle – Thanks I didn’t hear that. Isn’t the entirety of the City of Milwaukee in the County of Milwaukee?

    Still, road ownership is a fickle matter. We have roads in the City of Brookfield that are owned by the County of Waukesha. We also have roads in the City of Brookfield owned by private homeowners groups. (Condos come to mind.)

    I’d still be interested in knowing the location. And I wonder, did Walker’s campaign get a permit to shoot the ad in the city limits? 😉