Mark Neumann will stop the train as Governor

Don’t like the idea of being railroaded? Read page 34 of Mark Neumann’s plan to right our state’s government.

The train is not economically sustainable. After the train is built with stimulus dollars, the taxpayers of Wisconsin will be stuck with the costs of maintenance and operation. Our state is steeped in debt, and the Wisconsin taxpayer has a hard enough time with our current tax levels. The federal application estimates state support for operating the rail at $7.5 million in 2013, plus $8.1 million for the Milwaukee-to-Chicago leg, with the combined annual total growing from $15.6 million to $28 million by 2022. The “support” money comes directly from taxpayers all across

Mark Neumann will stop this project in its tracks.

Neumann is right on this one. Unlike Brookfield Mayor Steve Ponto who will put the station in Brookfield if others pick up the tab, or Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker who talks against the train, but builds new stations anyway, Mark Neumann sees the bigger picture and puts his thoughts in print instead of a sound bite. No level of government has this kind of money to spend.