Over $9,200 a computer

From the Biz Times:

The City of Milwaukee will receive a $2.5 million stimulus grant to provide up to 270 new public computer workstations at libraries, public housing sites and a senior center, as well as to upgrade broadband speeds and enhance broadband access in economically vulnerable neighborhoods.

But OMG! These are free computers you know!

Are you stimulated yet?


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Did I miss something ? Your Senator Feingold is quoted as saying this is an example of the Stimulus creating short and long term jobs. How does setting up public computer work stations and enhanced connections accomplish this ?

  2. Long term – the doctors necessary to manage my high blood pressure due to this bill.

    Short term – the nice people at Walgreens selling the band aids I’ll need after banging my head against the wall.