Questioning Scott Walker’s campaign planning

Just for fun, I looked up the domain registry for Here’s what I found:

Friends of Scott Walker
PO Box 511341
New Berlin, Wisconsin 53151
United States

Registered through: MSA
Domain Name: NOTRAIN.COM
Created on: 12-Aug-10
Expires on: 12-Aug-11
Last Updated on: 13-Aug-10

Administrative Contact:
Scott Walker, Friends of
PO Box 511341
New Berlin, Wisconsin 53151
United States
(262) 649-4704 Fax —

Technical Contact:
Scott Walker, Friends of
PO Box 511341
New Berlin, Wisconsin 53151
United States
(262) 649-4704 Fax —

Domain servers in listed order:

That’s right. was registered on Thursday, August 12. Obama’s visit and the website’s debut was Monday, August 16.

While I applaud the Walker team’s ability to roll out a website over the weekend (this housewife knows it can certainly be done), I have to ask as one who studies the tactics of campaigning why a last minute gimmick like this one was put into the mix. Perhaps the Walker internal polling numbers are making it known he’s in trouble.

Point to Fairly Conservative by the way – this site is the number one return for a search for Lots of people are using it, too. 🙂 Sometimes planning ahead is important when using the World Wide Web.


  1. You’re ripping Scott Walker because he didn’t register a domain sooner…?

    A domain name on an issue that even your guy is pressing… If it was such a no-brainer, why didn’t Neumann (or you for that mater) register the name months ago?

  2. 1) I’m not ripping anyone. I can rip. I certainly know how. This isn’t even close.

    2) I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have picked Not

  3. Uhhmmm. Your word choices, ‘campaign’ + ‘planning’ to me, does not = Scott Walker.(I’m no Neumann math whiz, but I can see that equation doesn’t work.) Isn’t he the guy that lifted the brown bag sham ad? Sounds like they were winging it and pulled it together last minute. I agree with your ‘’ naming. would have been better.

  4. PoliticalScience says:

    Hey Cindy,

    Were your poli-sci courses correspondence classes from some “University” in Latin America?

    You have no instinct for politics at all. Do you garden? Perhaps you could change the focus of your posts.

    Maybe you could post about your experience as a retired blogger who can neither retire nor blog effectively.

    Let’s face it, your thoughts are so stupid, that only Capper finds it interesting.

  5. I feel so sorry for you UmmNo, NotAtAllTheSame, et al. Anyone with an identity crisis like yours is surely going to suffer eventually.

    As I’ve said before, it appears the more correct I am in my work on the blog, the more the Walker Windbags go off. Thanks for the affirmation. It means a lot to me.

  6. QuadPolar says:

    Okay Cindy,

    While I have a lot of names I like to use to post, they are usually related to the topic, hardly a crisis or disorder – so don’t try to suck me into your world.

    But, in terms of instinct – wow – you really can’t find the wet spot of the political world.

    It’s like trying to resist rubber-necking at an accident…. but I try hard to just keep moving on.

    Burned, spurned and pointless, your pontifications in this cycle will have the same outcome as your own brilliance when you ran for office.

    How does your garden grow?

  7. Well now I’m fully aware of your intellectual capabilities. You can’t boost your candidate, so you rip on the messenger.

    Perhaps a good night’s sleep is what you needed. Hope it helped.