There will be a new poll skewed in Walker’s favor soon

You see, I just got the survey call. It’s obviously a Republican Party of Wisconsin job because (See Below!) Mark Neumann, my choice for the Republican ticket, wasn’t on the list. (Yet another reason I’d love to see Walker tank. RPW and Mr. Priebus need a serious reality check.)

Too bad for little Scotty Walker. He’s going to walk into the primary with a great deal of false excitement. I sure hope he’s doing his own genuine internal polling because I’m hearing from a couple of sources it simply isn’t going his way. I’ve mentioned that a couple of times now, and no one’s screeching back. It’s making me curiouser and curiouser.

P.S. All you real reporters that read: if you publish those survey numbers without mentioning Neumann was left off the poll, you are being grossly disingenuous – not to mention lazy.

Update 8:12 p.m. Hold the phone! The phone number the call came from – 262-586-2224 – looks to be the Democratic Party, not RPW.

So the Democrats are leaving Neumann off the list. Hmmmm.


  1. How many points will Walker have to win by before you admit you were wrong?

  2. He has to win by one vote more than 50%. That’s all. I will be sad if I’m wrong because I truly believe Mark Neumann is the better choice to lead our state, but I won’t deny it.

    And you? Are you guys really setting up to support Barrett if Walker fails?

  3. Of course I won’t vote for Barrett, but it is so clear to me that this primary isn’t even going to be close.

  4. Well that’s interesting. I think it will be close. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree until the numbers are in.

  5. Cindy, My wife got the same call, asked for by name, within minutes either side of yours. Hardly a chance that this is a scientific poll since we live close to you. Walker v. Neumann? I think , like you, it’s a toss up. The anti Milwaukee sentiment is a great unknown.

  6. Thanks. So it’s likely the poll wasn’t a poll that would be published.

  7. I live a good drive north of Milwaukee and I can tell you the anti Milwaukee sentiment is great here; not in the least unknown.