Oh, please. Why don’t you just hand Tom Barrett the keys to Wisconsin?

I’m not going to get too specific here, meaning I’m not going to link this because it’s embarrassing, but not for Tom Barrett. You see, Mark Belling has discovered that Tom Barrett may not have had his water heater inspected after it was installed.

I know. I gasped, too.

The man wasted air time on Tom Barrett’s water heater? Listen, if that’s the best he can do, then Barrett’s a slam dunk in November. I don’t care what the polls say now.


  1. The only thing remotely entertaining about Belling these days are his pathetic rants as he attempts to get Walker elected. He surely doesn’t have content or real information on his show.

  2. Mark Belling’s time has come and gone. He is terrible for conservatism – a bitter shell of a commentator too angry and stubborn to accept facts and give up petty personal grudges. I can’t listen to him anymore. Facts mean nothing to him. He’s no better than Democratic Party spinmeisters.

  3. I’ve never really listened. I avoid squawkers, period.

  4. Wilson828 says:

    Yeah I don’t listen to squawkers like Belling or Sykes or Wagner …. I have zero respect for them.

    I’m not voting for Walker he’s a clown. Speaking of clowns – I was at Irish Fest tonight for a while (had a nice time) and there was Tom Ament walking around. And guess what? He had the nerve to be wearing a name tag that said “Tom Ament”. Why would anyone admit to being Tom Ament? Speaking of clowns and idiots.

  5. Mark Belling is mentioning instances like that (along with Tom Barrett’s lack of an occupancy permit) because Tom Barrett has either instituted regulations, to aquire permits or check utilities, or has not loosened them. Consequently it is hypocritical fo Barrett to sidestep the rules if he’s going to make them.

    As far as a slam dunk for Barrett, the latest I’ve heard from Rasmussen, Walker is 7 to 8 pts ahead of Tom.

  6. By the way, by city decree one must pay $175 a day for non-compliance with the occupancy permit.

  7. Belling has limited time left. There is no way to grow his audience, and he has to ramp up the rhetoric and fabricate issues to get anyone to listen to him. I feel sorry for anyone who listens to him thinking they are getting content or information. They are getting spittle.

  8. Belling has never recovered since the whole “wetbacks” incident.

    To be honest, who cares? It’s his water heater! He just probably forgot to have it inspected, a mistake a lot of Average Joe’s probably make.

  9. I’d forgotten about that one, Anthony.

    Good to hear from you, by the way.

  10. It is relevant, especially when you tie it with other instances of Barrett not following the rules that his city has put into place. Or are you putting forth the position that elected officials should not have to follow the law of the land?

    Look, I call the man Mark Yelling for a reason but to put forth that his days are numbered is ridiculous.

    He has some of the best ratings in the country for a local talker. That’s just a fact. You may want to wish his days are numbered but the truth is very far from that.

    (Tim S., that $175 per day maxes out at $5,000. And the City which does not make a habit of waiving those fines has said Barrett will not have to pay them. Could you imagine the stink Cindy would make if this was Walker?)

  11. Fred. I’m curious as to your source for Belling’s ratings. Could you provide that? Do you have demographics? If you are assuming Belling is in a stable or upward trend, my guess is you are totally unaware of the ‘listening’ habits of the under 35 demographics. Or even the with-it 40-50 somethings. For sure, under 25 year-old young adults are not listening to Mark Belling, nor will they. Their leisure habits and interests are not tied to talk radio of an obscure and ranting talking head. Belling’s (and the rest of his local ilk) days are dwindling. That’s not wishful thinking, it is a peek into the future if you pay attention to the market.

  12. Fred – I don’t have a clue what Bellering’s numbers are, nor do I care.

    Yes, elected officials should follow the rules. But, it sounds like you are arguing to draw a bright line on something no one is going to care about. Hey, if you’re lucky maybe Barrett has had a speeding ticket, too.

    Listen, there’s plenty to paint Barrett as a poor choice. His habit of using Lake Michigan as a giant port a potty might be a good place to start. His hot water tank? I don’t think so.

  13. For your review, top 100 talkers.


    Radio ratings are not public domain, but Belling is #1 in Milwaukee afternoons and has been for years. They keep predicting his downfall http://www.milwaukeemagazine.com/murphyslaw/default.asp?NewMessageID=14601 But it is not based in reality.

  14. Well I’ll be darn. Surely RadioTime.com is the universal authority. 😉

  15. I’d say it is not much to be #1 in the afternoon, in Milwaukee. There is not competition and he has a Rush lead in.

  16. That #1 is not in talk it is among all radio stations, he beats all the music stations as well.

    Go ahead and denegrate it if it makes you feel better. Why don’t you all produce evidence of his decline? Or would you rather just make prognostications based on no actual facts?

    Yeah, that must be it.

  17. You’re funny, Fred. You totally missed my point. I didn’t think I my comment was negative to the point that you’d like to take it (‘denegrate’, seriously? No, that is not how I generate endorphins.) but maybe you just like to incite arguments. I don’t think I’ll bother to produce evidence of his decline other than what I’ve already said. It was just an observation, Fred, of how younger, more technologically savvy people respond to talk radio personalities such as Mark Belling. If you think your link is a definitive source for objective marketing data, cool. Enjoy your fan-status of Belling. He’s all yours, not worth my time.

  18. You misunderstand RL, I call the man Mark Yelling for a reason.

    I simply point out that your supposition is not based on anything actual.

    You see I wasn’t defending Yelling, I was just pointing out how silly your rationale was.

    But you go ahead and think whatever you want.

  19. Fred. You use too many fancy words for me. And I guess I am just too silly and ignorant to converse with you, so goodnight.

  20. I might not be as bright as I pretend, but Fred, you keep talking about #1 in the afternoons, but you can’t source it – at least that I’ve been able to trace. Also, you claimed that someone else’s “supposition is not based on anything actual.”

    Help? I’m terribly confused as to your non-source being the real thing while someone else is being told to suck lemons.

  21. To everyone Mark is # 1 in his timeslot as he is approaching 2 decades in that rank, and yes he does beat everyone, talk, music, etc, more people listen to him from 3-6, period. His TV show also was # 1 rated on CBS 58, but that was taken off of the air because they can make more money off of infomercials. The success can be measured in a few ways, by ratings and advertising revenue. Revenue you see has to do with sales and in sales, you keep score with money (my guess is people who do not understand me are government workers who do not know what it is to be like to be in the private sector and have to make a profit, otherwise your ass is fired. If you are in the private sector most likely then you are in a union if you can’t understand me).

    Now Cindy mentioned she doesn’t really listen to Belling to begin with, not sure about RL, but you keep saying that Belling has nowhere to continue growing. Well it is a fact that babyboomers (suprised they didnt all die at Woodstock) are getting older and there are less of us young people, but while the internet is killing a lot of people in radio, it is helping Belling grow, I have heard people call his show from CA, NC, Washington, FL, Canada, and Puerto Rico to name a few call in. Part of it are former WI residents while others are people who hear him on Rush Limbaugh. For those of us who went to Public Schools, Puerto Rico is a US Territory, have two senators without voting power in the US Senate, but is not a state, but don’t worry the teachers still got paid even though Johnny hardly learned anything, he gets an A, wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings.

    Everyone has a right to listen to or not listen to Belling. The bottom line is that he is highly successful in his ratings. His company figures that by paying him the salary and benefits they do they can make more money by drawing in a lot of listeners which will generate more advertising, hence more money.

    Ever wonder why you may get a free magazine subscription in the mail, or they seem to continue for a while after you have no renewed? That is because that company can make more money through advertising by saying they have X amount of subscribers rather than collecting 19 or 29 dollars from us a year.

    The following thoughts were brought to you by a late 20 year old white male, public education all my life, including public UW school, not in business but in humanities, liberal arts, sociology, I just managed to not be indoctrinated in the negative hate filled class warefare uptopian, kiss Huga Chavez ass thought process.

  22. Well there you go. Mark Belling’s biggest fan just stopped by to say hello.

  23. Steve. You are one of very few in your age group that will follow Belling for any length of time.

    I don’t think he’s getting any more timeslots with Rush. I understand there are a lot of anti-Belling Tweets when Belling subs. That counts with the marketing folks and certainly is an indicator that your age group dislikes either the format or the guy. Hard to sell advertising focused on the 25-35 age group when they dislike the host. You are right. Money talks. When Twitter peaks as a media of influence, Belling will tank. He can’t survive (ego-wise) on criticism or feedback that doesn’t glorify him. Twitter will be his un-doing when it reaches critical mass.

    Belling has no competition. That is the only reason he is #1. Don’t take it personally, but your entire argument is premised on old media. Talk radio on an AM station, print news, and traditional advertising sales are on the down side of the trend. I’m not saying his audience is going to disappear tomorrow, but he is trending down, not up, is my guess. You have to look out and project 5, 10 years and he isn’t going to be king of any airwaves as he sees himself now. He’ll likely be in the age of retirement by then anyway.

    Did you ever wonder why people hate those scam ‘freebies’ that aren’t really freebies? Like when you end up selling your soul to a marketing robo call outfit and ultimately detest the publishers of that’ free’ Ladies Home Journal that sucked you in to a junk mail whirl? Kinda like getting 5 of Walker’s sleazy mailers every single day for the rest of your life.

    (Did you read the earlier post on FC from Barbara–I think that was her name–who is ready to vote for ANY candidate who doesn’t robo call her? That is marketing gone bad.)

    Yah, I get the marketing angle in this all. I just don’t buy the idea that Belling is an upward trend a happenin’ in anyone’s world but his own.

    I like your confidence, though. And I don’t mind that you are a devotee of Belling. I just think you may want to tune in to other options and balance your critical thinking a bit more. People who tend to listen to Belling (or Sykes) exclusively lose a bit of independent reasoning skills. I would not want that to happen to you.

  24. And i’m the #1 blacksmithy in Brookfield.

  25. Oh, we have funny posters tonight. First Capper, now The L. 🙂

  26. Why does anyone try to argue with Fred? It’s pointless, because he’s never wrong.

    As to his point about Cindy raising a stink if she found out Scott Walker didn’t have an occupancy permit for his office, from what I hear, that’s exactly the case. I’m trying to confirm it, but I have it on good authority that Scott Walker’s campaign office didn’t take out an occupancy permit until June 19th (or 17th), and his office has been open much longer than that.

  27. Excellent discussion, and I didn’t mean to personally attack Cindy or RL, she is right Belling’s biggest fan did stop by, at least one of them, been listening to him since I was 9 (as my parents had him in the background).

    I need to go to work now, but let’s continue this discussion this weekend.

    I do agree with you RL, radio itself is going bye bye, as eventually people will listen over the internet, etc, and Belling isn’t too far away from retirement, I think he is on the younger end of the babyboomers (and by the way not every baby boomer is bad like i said, i can’t stand the 60s vision of free open love and give me give me give me,which has rubbed off on my generation as well).

    You are right to listen to other options, I do like sykes and wagner (dont always agree), but I also try and see the other side. I have watched every Michael Moore movie he made (except for Sicko). Back tonight.

  28. Or you can listen to none of them and make your own opinion.

    Not to be unkind, but how do people stand it? The talker format (any of them) bores me to tears after about two minutes.

  29. Cindy. My trick with talk radio is to listen at the top of the hour (if I think a topic in the news would come up) or 10 minutes from the end. They are typically making their final rant.

    Steve. When I said other options, I was not thinking Sykes, Wagner, or Weber, Oh, My!

    I haven’t bothered with Moore, myself. He seems as egregious in his high opinion of himself as your buddy, Belling. And, I am from pure Blue Michigan, and most Michiganders have no love for Mr. Moore. Guess he’s considered and opportunist and is an unlikeable guy…

    Try NPR or Charlie Rose, a couple blogs from DC papers, or NYT if you want a stretch to the Left. If you want to get really eggie, try the New York Times Magazine.

    If I were to tune into AM talk radio on a daily basis, I’d rather listen Dennis Miller. I prefer funny over overt bias masquerading as news or information.

    Like Cindy, the wise, says. Read everything and form your own opinions. Time to cut the cord from a continuous brain feed of Mr. Belling.

  30. RL, Belling subbed for Rush twice last week.

    Just because you wish something to be true does not mean that it is.

  31. Fred. And Bellling himself indicated last week that he was likely to not be subbing for Rush as much. You think Belling is backing out of his time national airwaves on his own? Read between the airwaves.

  32. RL, Belling has said that he has been offered many things in the past and has chosen not to take it due to being comfortable where is, including not doing commercials like every other talk show host does.

    Cindy, I more or less do form my own opinion. It is obvious that Belling influences it a lot, but so do my parents, my friends, my faith, and my own life experience. The thing is I actually listen to him so I hear his consistant opinions. One reason I like him is that while biased, he supports mainly conservative points of view, not Republicans per se. That is one thing I don’t like about Rush Limbaugh, he is so pro Republican.

    Belling never does sub for Rush regularly, he joked about being one of three Marks, as the only subs, but Mark Davis, Mark Stein, Walter Williams, and I’d even say Roger Hedgecock and maybe even Matt Drudge sub for him more than Belling.

    Cindy your not unkind, my mother, while politicially agreeing with Belling, cannot stand him and detests his personality. It is all in your opinion I guess if you like talk radio. Some people hate it, I like it.

    And RL, I do listen to Sykes and Wagner, don’t agree w/ em as much as Belling, do not listen to Weber. I also choose to listen to Clark Howard for a break on politics.

  33. Steve. I have no clue as to what you point is in your first sentence. A ‘no endorsement’ policy from Belling means what? That it indicates Belling’s flawless character? I’d might actually respect Belling if he’d apply that policy to politics also. He should stay out of the process of trying to manipulate the primary vote. Remaining neutral in a primary political race is more important for me than his upright characteristic of holding off on telling me to by a sleep number bed.

    Belling has been subbing for Rush for years. It is coming to an end. There is a reason for that. I doubt if the end has been initiated by Belling. There is a reason Weber got bumped for Beck.

    Sykes and Wagner are not going to expand your vantage point, Steve.

    You don’t have to explain any further. I understand where you are coming from on this.

  34. Randy in Richmond says:

    I listen to Rush regularly. One thing he is–is anti-liberal and pro-conservative. Could you give me an example of when Rush was “so pro-Republican”, that I can see where you are coming from.

  35. ‘buy’ , not ‘by’ a sleep number…

    ….and I have also listened to Rush occasionally and think he is more of a fiscal conservative and anti-government guy than pro-Republican.