Patrick McIlheran on Ron Johnson

I want to thank the MJS conservative columnist for this work. I think his tone did Mr. Johnson justice indeed.

I had the opportunity to spend some time with the Republican senatorial candidate about a month or go. I got one of those holographic cards. I think Johnson is awesome. Not awesome in a gosh-he’s-so-powerful sort of way, but awesome because he’s so genuine. And sincere, and curious.

He asked our table of bloggers if we made any money off our work. We hesitated for a moment, and then the table burst into laughter. No, we replied. Johnson looked confused. (Ok, blogging isn’t your typical capitalistic move.)

Then Johnson asked which big stories we’ve broken. That was more fun. I had to think for a minute, but I had a few. (Well? Like it or not, scabies at the Children’s Place in Brookfield Mall was a big deal at the time. I’d link it, but that was back during my tenure on It seemed all the bloggers had at least one they could define.

Johnson was attentive. He was personable. He was genuine. He was interested. That evening I never caught the idea his visit was about him, it truly felt like it was about us.

It feels like having Ron Johnson representing me in the Senate is the closest opportunity I have to being there myself.

That’s exactly what I look for when I vote.


  1. Aaron Rodriguez says:

    Cindy, did he look you in the eye when he spoke to you?

  2. Absolutely Aaron. Ron Johnson looked me in the eye when he spoke to me.

    You’re pissing on Ron Johnson now, too? Dude. It’s a rough election season for you, I guess.

  3. Aaron Rodriguez says:

    I like Johnson. McIlheran and I met Johnson during the tour of St. Anthony’s last Month. He is just as genuine about what he is trying to do as Walker.

  4. Actually you can see in this picture, me, Aaron, Pat Mc with Ron here….

    We like him very much.

  5. How fortunate that you and Mr. McIlheran spend so much time together.

    I’m not sure I agree with your comparison. I mean, Johnson’s not putting empty brown bags on a table as campaign souvenirs.

  6. And yes, Ron knows me as “Zeus”…. 😉

  7. Wow. It’s the Rodriguez cousins again. Lucky me.

  8. I met Johnson at the University Club for a breakfast. He’s very genuine, a bit too quick to answer questions though, he needs to be more thoughtful rather then almost cutting off the person. It’s a tight race, I think Feingold is leading by 1 point according to Rasmussen, I could be wrong though.