Poor wittle Scotty Walker

Now that big bad Tom Barrett is telling lies!

Walker isn’t mature enough to pass out milk at snack time. He does not have what it takes to be a governor of the great state of Wisconsin.

Oh, yes, that’s what I Believe.

You can read the heartache for yourself.


  1. Hey. Went to the link above (the heartache one) and it looks like there may have been a press release there but this is what I got on the Walker site for that page:

    Page not found
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    The requested page could not be found.

  2. Try again. I think I fixed it.

    It’s odd – the link will work off Facebook, but not his own campaign site. I’m going to have to think about that one.

  3. My degree is only in Bible and Theology, but isn’t this what politicians do? Snipe and whine at each other over every little thing?

    Isn’t that what Barrett did?

  4. Which is one more reason we don’t need a career politician as governor.

  5. This seems like the same ole same ole on Walker’s part and really makes him come across as petty. If he’s not tough enough to handle this tepid of water, how will he survive the heat of the November election? Does he understand what it is like to be in a hotly contested state-wide race? Oh, duh. No, he does not. For a ‘career politician’, he’s not really very good at that either.

  6. Based on your remarks, if Walker wins the Republican primary, and I’m assuming your support of the Republican candidate in the gubernatorial race, you’d vote for a person you believe “does not have what it takes to be a governor of the great state of Wisconsin.”? Or is this the whole, “better of two evils” thing going on?

  7. Let’s see, Barrett lies, Walker points it out, so he is the bad guy?

    Meanwhile you favor a politician that has run for office 6 times, lost 4 of those elections and pretends to not be a career politician. A position he holds strictly because he lost.

    Got it.

  8. Greg – there’s always the chance I’ll be out of town. And seriously, I’ll cross that bridge if I have to do so, but right now, I’m thinking I’m ok.

    Fred – I favor a businessman with a plan over a bumbler who’s spent his adult life snarfing out of the public trough. I’m sure you’ll find a way to justify your decision to support Walker, just know I’m comfortable with my choice.

    You make losing sound so sinister. Neumann won a congressional seat in a primarily democratic district with his persistence, and then he lost the Senate to Russ Feingold. Should I assume you were pleased with the Feingold over Neumann win?

  9. Cindy – is that ‘snarfing out of the public trough’ also a callback to Walker’s ham sandwiches? In his brown bag? Very clever piggy imagery. (If you’ve ever seen hogs snarf, it is quite similar to career pols grazing for money and voters.)

    And, in my terminology, a career politician is one who has spent his career in politics. That is Walker, it is not Neumann.

  10. You know, that brown bag thing bothers me. Most people I know pick up a $2.00 reusable lunch bag and save themselves some money. Guess that’s not Walker’s style.

    I have one from the youngest’s school days. It’s camouflage. Maybe I should send it to him with my compliments.

  11. And, (to continue the brown bag conversation that only a mom could relate to) when I think of brown bags I think ‘old school’ in not a cool, retro way, but in a ‘I might give my kid salmonella poisoning’ way. I think they were way off on that campaign theme. You’re right, kids haven’t used paper lunch bags for a couple decades now. And the latest spoof commercial of Walker reaching into the brown bag to pull out an enormous baloney sandwich tells me the Walker campaign did not think about the way the opposition could/would use that tired theme.

  12. I took a picture of Meg’s bag, but she’s informed me she’s taking it to NYU next week. She also said it was 50 cents since it was half price on the dollar aisle at Target.

    Replacing Walker's brown bag.

    In comparison, 40 paper bags are a whole dollar here.

  13. Maybe you could start your own bag contest to send to Walker.

  14. Congrats to the NYU-bound Meg!

  15. That sounds like fun!

    It gets me that he thought buying the brown bag campaign was clever. Even among the most loyal Walker supporters that part of the campaign is a joke.

  16. I think the brown bag campaign is a day late and 40 paper bags short myself 😉

  17. Oh my goodness Pat! You made a political comment!

  18. Yet Cindy, somehow I manage to get through the day without doing multiple attack posts against Neumann.

    Why can’t you do the same?

  19. I suppose Walker just gives me better stuff to use.

    Hey! I just looked. You exaggerated a bit, didn’t you?

  20. No, you are making stuff up.

    Even Neumann figured out that going negative was not working, why don’t you take your lead from him?

  21. I’m making stuff up? I don’t think so. Those are real links and everything!

    Yes, it’s negative. I’m comparing candidates. One will win, and one will lose. Even though I know it’s really popular to make everyone the winner these days, I just don’t see that as possible in this situation. I feel very strongly that Scott Walker, heir apparent, is trying on his crown just a little too early. He’s not the better candidate according to my criterion.

    Besides, no one reads this mess. It shouldn’t matter a hill of beans to a powerful player like Scott Walker. I mean, he has the whole Wisconsin Republican party behind him. He doesn’t care about me.

  22. Aren’t you proud of me sticking my toe in the water???? 😉 I still read more than I comment, though.