Friendly Friday

Since several of you reading have decided I’m so terribly mean, I think it’s time to make an effort towards a nice day. Perhaps everyone will feel better.

Somehow, even though there are three men vying to lead this state, the debate has twisted around to be about everything but the candidates. It’s time to relax and refocus. I will save any opinion until Monday. (Lets hope no one does anything stupid where I have to break that vow.)

A few really pleasant things have gone on in the Cheddarsphere periphery this week. The fabulous Chris from Racine mentioned BLT’s with her garden tomatoes which sent Badger Blogger and yours truly to the store in search of bacon.

Mark Neumann won a beer stein holding contest last night. The victory gets him a spot in the national competition in New York City.

Someone we know is planning a trip to Ireland. I’m so jealous. I’ll have to make do right now with a weekend trip to IrishFest instead. We’ll be there for Mass on Sunday. I traditionally follow that up with a beer holding contest of my own. 😉

Have a pleasant weekend yourselves.