Watch the Mark Neumann stein holding contest

The fun starts about 3 minutes. It is actually kind of fun.

Hey, even the Daily Caller picked it up.


  1. Impressive. I’m pretty sure Scott Walker didn’t hold his GPA above 2.0 for that long.

  2. MKEmxp. Now THAT is funny.

  3. Crap. That is indeed funny.

  4. totally makes him qualified to be governor

  5. Dear Bartender: Huh?

  6. Confused Cindy? Can’t you tell that being able to hold a beer stein makes someone qualified to be governor… thought my comment was pretty clear

  7. Ah hah. So do you intend to spend your entire life three days late, or will you enter into the current discussion?

  8. I’m gonna be on point now that you’re “conservative” blogging has become so bullshit it’s been intolerable. I’m usually just a reader, but I’ll have to comment from now on. Especially if you keep ripping the only candidate that has a chance of making me “believe in Wisconsin again”

  9. I always believed in Wisconsin. I’ll be glad to elect leadership who will make this state stronger.

  10. I never stopped believing in Wisconsin, but I’d like to know why and when Scott Walker stopped believing. What’s more, what kind of quitter is Scott Walker that he stopped believing in Wisconsin?