New Scott Walker scandal confirmed

Scott Walker’s long-time confidant and rainmaker Tim Russell has a missing work computer. It’s been picked up for a little forensic testing.

Tim Russell is currently serving as the Administrator for Public Housing for Milwaukee County. He’s also rumored to be the man behind the anonymous website, possibly the reason for the intrigue. (Both and the site forwarded are registered by private proxy.)

In addition, Russell’s managed quite the career ladder thanks to his association with Walker. (There’s other stuff, if it matters to you let me know. I’m feeling a wee bit lazy this late in the day.)

It’s interesting timing, and proof a campaign can’t always be expertly orchestrated. You see, there’s a big debate between heir apparent Scott Walker and Republican primary gubernatorial challenger Mark Neumann coming up on Wednesday – the day I predict this story will hit the mainstream media.

Watch the debate Wednesday, August 25th at 7:00 p.m. on WISN 12. In Milwaukee there’s a simulcast of the debate with Milwaukee Public Television (WMVS/WMVT). Also find broadcasts across the state on WKOW (Madison), WFRV (Green Bay), WAOW (Wausau), WXOW (La Crosse), and WQOW (Eau Claire).


  1. Any radio stations?

    As for the ScottForGov thing, could be, but there are too many other likely suspects.

  2. Capper, it should be noted, is a Milwaukee County employee who was caught blogging for the Democrats when he should have been working.

  3. Funny, I never saw anything but a release from Walker front group CRG.

  4. Tom, when capper’s attorney pressed Landgraf about a precise definition of “extensive blogging activity”–the phrase used in the letter he released to CRG et al.–the best he could get was that the computer visited sites that may have contained political content, like jsonline or wisopinion. The DA didn’t find capper actually blogging.

    The media know this, and have communication from capper’s lawyer about it, but apparently exoneration is less sexy than actual guilt.

    You may want to take that back.

  5. John Foust says:

    You forgot to work in the Nazis, McMahon.

    Maybe it was CRG who asked to investigate Russell’s computer, Capper.

  6. John,

    Wanna wager on that?

  7. John Foust says:

    Oh, it was totally CRG. They’re concerned about public employees doing political work on our dime. I think that’s what McMahon was trying to say. I’m sure he’s confident this new investigation was launched by CRG. Why, I’ll put $500 on the proposition! I bet McMahon will, too, along with a dozen other True Conservatives. We’ll clean up against those lefties who want to bet it wasn’t CRG!

  8. Hey Foust. Just so you know, that was an easy $500. When can I expect payment?

  9. Sorry man, gotta say Cindy’s right on this one. As Mack told Judge Harry (on “Night Court”), “You set it up, I’ll bring it home.”

    Double or nothing?

  10. Way off subject, but I loved Night Court!

  11. PoliticalScience says:

    Cindy has a poli-sci degree, just in case anybody was wondering – and she is a real conservative, just in case capper was looking for a quote from a reliable source of information.

  12. PoliticalScience, et. al. Well hello. I get this feeling it’s starting to sink in a bit for you, eh? Walker has a primary opponent. Life will go on.

  13. John Foust says:

    No way! I think Bice is just protecting his sources. We all know deep in our hearts that this was a CRG operation, and that’s what matters. They are concerned about all abuses of public employees using public resources for private campaigns. They must be the ones behind this! They’re not partisan.

    You must be one of those fact-based LIEberal morans if you believe otherwises! Always using the courts and the newspaper reporters to get your way!

  14. Well that was good, John. I just had someone e-mail me trying to figure you out. For the record, readers, he’s being sarcastic.

    And Mr. Foust, I’m being very cordial to let your comments stand. Do me a favor and stop linking to that nasty site of yours. I pull all your links back anyway.

    Didn’t want you to think we were getting friendly here or anything. 😉

  15. John Foust says:

    Well, it’s not like I actively type in the URL of that nasty site every time I post. The cookies remember it for me. I’ve removed it. We’ll see if the cookies forget it. On the other hand, I’m always thankful with every post that you allow to stand. It’s so very cordial of you! Thank you! And it’s so cordial of you to allow Folkbum and McMahon’s web links to stand, too! I know when I need a fix of racially-tinged humor or blogging, I can come to your site and click on their links.

  16. “True Conservative” WoW! that’s rich. You mean a rich dude looking out for the trust fund. If you think we are not a socialist society right now, try to explain how the police, fire, water, sewer, schools get funded and make our lives click. Not perfect but better than the Liberterian model. Never ceases to amaze me the drivel spewing forth from the well heeled…bravo.

  17. I feel like Conrad Dobler in those old Miller Lite commercials. 🙂