Head of Milwaukee Mental Health complex removed

As Scott Walker was debating primary opponent Mark Neumann, the paper was prepping a story.

Milwaukee County officials said late Wednesday that John Chianelli, who oversees the troubled Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex, would be leaving that post Monday.

Scott Walker was never mentioned.


  1. I hope they don’t just fire the guy in charge and say “OK, that’s over.”

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    They kicked the guy downstairs. What would have to happen on one’s watch to get fired ? Oh, that’s right. Have one of the patients starve to death. Just allowing a known violent sexual preditor to interact with female patients unsupervised, perhaps getting one pregnant, and then knowingly covering it up doesn’t reach to the level of firing.

    And why does the paper keep bringing up the issue that the mother was supposed to be on birth control injections ? Their own story reported that she had sex on the day she was admitted.

  3. Oh, Randy. Some days you should just enjoy that fabulous view out your window and be glad you aren’t in Wisconsin. Sure, every state has challenges, but Milwaukee County really provides a boatload for us.

    I want to know how the CEO – gubernatorial candidate Scott K. Walker – is managing to walk away unscathed. He’s running quite the duck and cover defense on the last few issues the county has faced.