Latest Rasmussen poll shows Neumann besting Walker

Oh, yes!

Read the details from the Rasmussen site. Here’s the quick summary:

Survey of 750 Likely Voters in Wisconsin August 24, 2010

Election 2010: Wisconsin Governor

Mark Neumann (R) 48%
Tom Barrett (D) 44%
Other 3%
Not sure 4%

Election 2010: Wisconsin Governor
Scott Walker (R) 47%
Tom Barrett (D) 44%
Other 4%
Not sure 4%

It looks like Walker supporters are finally having to admit there’s a primary.

Rasumussen says all three candidates are well known in the state. They also measure Walker’s unfavorable return at 24%


  1. Could you explain the importance (or not) of a very unfavorable rating? I see that Mark’s very unfavorable rating is the lowest of the 3 candidates. By 7 and 10 % points, from what I recall. Is this a key number to watch? Does the favorability factor mean more or less in this poll? I’m curious.

  2. Heads are no doubt exploding among Walker supporters….

  3. Word is Walker is curled up in a fetal position under his desk, hyperventilating into one of his brown paper bags.

  4. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    These poll numbers show some interesting movement. To Zach’s point, yes, heads are no doubt exploding among Walker supporters – but also the Walker campaign operation too. Soon enough, they will put out a press release accusing Mark Neumann of being a horrible human being who has become unhinged because he wouldn’t listen to Herr Klauser and get out of the race. The entitlement mentality from the Walker campaign is unsettling. If Walker does win the primary, this will continue after the primary, and this is where I believe he will get into trouble with the voters.

    Mark my words, today, August 28, 2010, Scott Walker will never see the governor’s office. The people of Wisconsin will not elect him.

  5. I had someone tell me this week (works in healthcare) that Walker will never get elected. Jonas, I hope you are correct. I hope Walker supporters will think beyond just their emotion of supporting their candidate in a competitive contest. The seriousness of lack of ability in Scott Walker to govern is frightening. I can’t say I believe he is unethical or dishonest (although there are indicators of both) but I am deeply concerned about having someone so inept as our Governor.

  6. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    The cult of personality that follows Scott Walker is also unsettling – and quite troubling. His failed leadership has touched every corner of Milwaukee County government, whether it be its infrastructure or its mental health services. Scott Walker is a politician, that’s all. He’s not someone who can get things done. While Mark Neumann isn’t the most polished individual, he gets things done. Republicans really need to ask themselves on September 14th, if they are ok putting up an unprincipled, career politician against Tom Barrett, or if they want someone like Mark Neumann who keeps his promises, gets things done and has a track record to prove it.

  7. Jonas, you’re exactly right about the cult of personality that follows Walker; it’s as if his supporters believe Scott Walker can single-handedly fix everything that’s wrong with Wisconsin all by himself.


    these are times of denial of reality. D.C. people don’t know about madoff. Milw. County people don’t know about mental health complex misery.when it is in front of your nose breathe deeply and you will pass the smell test. we do not expect miracles from our government leaders, but we do expect something good to happen.

  9. And Walker’s highly favorable rating is 32% vs Neumann at 20% . Hmm what does that say?

  10. Janet-

    And the unfavorable for Walker is higher. What does that mean?

    And if I’m not mistaken, that was before the last debate and before the whole mental health disaster.

    What does that mean?

  11. And isn’t Neumann more favorable among Republicans? I’d have to go back and look, but that’s what I seem to remember.

  12. Neumann gained in all internal categories. Yes. Gained with Republicans for the first time in this poll. And I do think he now does out poll Walker in this category.

    Perhaps that is what is causing Walker’s panic?

    I say lower unfavorable gets more voters than higher favorable.

    Nearly one in four people find Walker highly unfavorable. Considering all the happenings from debate to today, I’m guessing Walker’s highly unfavorable will only climb. What would he have done in this time to become more likable? I can’t think of one thing.