Global Warming Up

Best be careful that your state does not pass a law that the Obama administration disagrees with. Never mind that approx. 68% of those polled in that state approve of the law and about 55% nationwide. Of course I am speaking of Arizona Law S.B. 1070 that recently became effective in reference to illegal aliens. The Obama administration, through the Department of State, recently submitted a report to the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations that included a comment (Paragraph 95 ) on this Arizona Law. However, if one reviews the Justice Department’s suit against the Arizona law there is no mention of the 14th Amendment or human rights at all. The Justice Department argued the 10th Amendment, claiming the state does not have the right to enforce federal laws.

This is just another ill-conceived notion by the Obama administration to intentionally denigrate this country in the eyes of the world. To include the legislated business of an individual state in our country as part of an international report to the UN, where many of the most egregious offenders of human rights hang out, is another example of this administration’s ineptitude in leadership. Maybe a beer summit with North Korea, the Sudan, Saudia Arabia, and Yemen, among others, is in order.