Biden in Madison October 7th to stump for Barrett

At least that’s what the phone call said.

I guess details will follow.



  1. Biden is a real question mark, but you know it’s a safe bet for Barrett (if he doesn’t flap his gums). You are right smack in the middle of your base/sweet spot, Biden’s a draw, attendance will be good. May not raise as much money as if it were Obama, but I bet a nice little purse comes out of it for the Mayor.

  2. Dems LOVE Biden. Especially the young ones.

  3. And it’s all about the money!

  4. Did the Dems call you for that, or was it via a contact? If it was the Dems…what the heck!

  5. Dear Greg,

    Welcome to the great big world. Years ago when Barrett was running for Mayor of Milwaukee he was the only really choice. This household had money into that campaign. The donation has been the source of many a Zoo invite and phone call since.

    This call was to invite me to pick up tickets to the Madison event.


  6. Why do you suppose that is, RL?

  7. Ooh, ooh, I wanna play!

    Biden reminds them of their favorite partying Uncle after a few cold ones.

  8. Hahah, Cindy. Bingo! Yes, that could be one of the reasons.

    TheL. My ‘why’….

    ObamaLove. They are still infatuated with Obama because, for the most part his policies have not negatively impacted their pocketbooks. They are idealistic and Obama has uses phrases they are attracted to. Biden is part of the package they bought. Brand loyalty at play.

    Biden is a buffoon. They like that. He has more in common with them than he has with Obama. His sophomoric behavior is an attraction, not a detraction for a generation that thinks it is acceptable to call people a d-bag as shorthand for a conversation about differences of opinion. He IS their fantasy drunken uncle, or symbolic of the guy they can grow up to be like and never have to actually grow up.

    I do hear that Biden is a very likable guy in real life. He is a story-teller with sparkly embellishments. He is a shiny object to youth.

    Lorax, your thoughts? Do you think they like Biden? and why?

  9. Randy in Richmond says:

    I suspect the youngest voters that supported Obama have no idea who Biden really is. I would bet they can’t tell you what state he’s from.

  10. Curious, Randy, what do you think would be the youngest voter category? I was thinking more along the lines of mid-twenty-somethings, still in college or grad school, or new in the workforce. Don’t know if a few my ‘younger’ family members are the norm, but they know of Biden, and to my distaste, like the guy. ๐Ÿ™‚ Obama was the draw for the younger demographic vote on the ticket, Biden the entertainment factor.

  11. But those younger folk are unlikely to fork over the big bucks to attend this fundraiser. I think maybe it’s back to square one in analyzing this decision.

  12. What is the cost to attend? Did you listen to the caller that long?

  13. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’m speaking of college age and up to say, age 25. That age group was voting for a dream, an image, and the proverbial change. Leadership was not on their mind. And most of all, after years of the constant anti-Bush droning by the press, Hollywood, the electronic media and academia their vote was not so much pro Obama but the predictable anti-Bush. And they have gotten for the most part what they voted for, no leadership and lots of image. Voting ‘present’ is catching up with Barack Obama.

  14. “I suspect the youngest voters that supported Obama have no idea who Biden really is. I would bet they canโ€™t tell you what state heโ€™s from.”

    Take if from someone who hangs out with lots of people that age, Randy, people know who Biden is. Ageism at its best–or worst.

    RL–I don’t disagree with you. I have many of those buffoon uncles in my family. But I still think it’s silly people rip on Biden when we could have been stuck with Palin.

  15. Randy. You got all that right. That behavioral psychology that the Obama campaign machine employs to attract young voter really works with them.

  16. Randy in Richmond says:

    Let’s see. It’s not okay to ‘rip’ on VP Biden, who is in a nationally elected position. Lorax, where were you when Dick Cheney was VP ? I don’t seem to remember you chastising those who ‘ripped’ Chaney. Both are men who invite ‘ripping’ and this little box is not big enough for me to list Biden’s gaffs, mis-speaks, and blunders.

    I don’t doubt many of those with whom you hang know who Biden is but I could go to other parts of any town or city across the nation and I have serious reservations most in your age group would know the state Biden represented in the Senate, if in fact they could produce the current Vice President’s name.

  17. Well, he did shoot someone. Come on, that’s funny.

    And I’m all for ripping on people, I was pointing out that the Palin personality cult is based on being “unfairly criticized for her folksy and give-it-to-ya-straight-you-betcha” persona. In reality, they are all getting flak, not just Sarah.

    Rip on Biden all you want, I find it entertaining. I find him to be a likable and intelligent guy who is sometimes a little over-eager–it’s like looking in a mirror, except i’m more handsome. ๐Ÿ˜›

    And plenty your age are disengaged as well. It was your generation who were the parent of these disengaged youngsters. What does that say? I don’t know Randy, apathy touches all stripes of society!

  18. Randy in Richmond says:

    Oh, I agree. Those that know little of Biden cross all age barriers. And I suspect Biden would be a great guy to play a round of golf with. I think my main beef with Biden goes back to before you were politically savvy when he chaired the Senate Committee hearings on Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas nominations for the Supreme Court.

  19. Fair enough. So how do you feel about Hillary rounding out the ticket in 2012?

  20. I’m not sure if that’s for me or Randy, but I think she should top the ticket, not round it out.

  21. Randy in Richmond says:

    I do not believe Biden will be on the Democratic ticket in 2012. Most likely it will be Hillary unless she decides to run for the number one spot. Given the political climate now, which is light years from 2012, my sense is she would be a better candidate than Obama. I fully believe she took the State position as a prep for running for President.

  22. I like her a lot. She’s done solid work at State. I might even vote for her over Obama in a primary. While i’m not really that dissatisfied with BHO, I don’t mind the idea of someone a little more mean coming into town. Obama is too much of an academic to get shit done, I fear.