Sorry, my less than classy side is showing

I don’t intend to vote for Lt. Governor. Whoever makes it is just fine with me.

And I’m sorry to say, but the company who built this video for Kleefisch did the dear woman absolutely no favors:

As I said, I’m sorry, but look at that still! There’s a reason you won’t catch me running for anything else as long as I live. You’ve just had a hint.

Time to talk about it. If you feel strongly one way or another, sway me now.


  1. Only one thing is certain – I will NOT be voting for Rebecca Kleefisch. I cannot support a candidate whose only platform is to accuse her opponents of not being conservative enough. I mean, give me something tangible on state policy. Anything. No generalities. It’s just not there with her.

  2. Wait, is that a still you pulled from the video, or are they actually using that stills in promos?

  3. Bdad – it’s actually the video, but the way her media company set it up this is the still frame from the video that’s used to launch it.

  4. Sarah Palin wannabe? Agree or not with the “choo choo” but isn’t the whole point of it to give a transit option to those who DON’T have a minivan and an alternative to those who do?

    Just another slogan campaign… phooey. I’d rather vote for Basil Marceaux…

    And it looks like she’s already got enough “concealed.” Or was it congealed? Ok, sorry, i’ll go to my room.

  5. Lorax, obviously your less than classy side was willing to come out and play, too.

    I give her props for running. I know how hard that can be. However, it is extremely essential at this level to do your best to surround yourself with perfection.

  6. My first thought was also that she was trying to pull off a Sarah Palin look. Or a Tina Fey trying to be a Sarah Palin look. Honestly, I couldn’t get beyond the mask to listen to the message.

    I’d like to know how smart she is. I guess I don’t care about her looks as much as her brain power. I prefer brainiac candidates in this election cycle. Anything but a career pol.

    Guess it is time to join you two in the naughty corner doing a time out.

  7. Funny thing about swimming with the pol’s. Once you get that stink on you there’s no scrubbing it off. ’tis permanent…

  8. Or as my dad always said, you can’t polish a turd.

  9. All the launch stills I see out there, are the portion of the video where the Belling/Sykes quotes are up. Definitely looks better. I wonder if it’s variable depending on where/how it’ s linked to.

  10. Hmmm. I guess I’ll play around with that. This one was first found on a supporter’s website.

  11. Hey wait a minute! They’ve changed the video still shot from the one I originally discovered. (It’s embedded from, so any changes come from there.)

    Good job. It means someone is watching. I hope they won’t make that kind of mistake again.