Oooooh. Dis!

That’s short for “disrespect” in case you haven’t lived with teens lately.

Russ Feingold won’t be around when President Obama is here stumping for Tom Barrett.

I’d venture a guess that’s not Russ Feingold’s idea.

Update – Wow. Maybe this has something to do with it all.

That’s a seriously nasty situation.


  1. Looks like a big convention space to me, and while eyes can play tricks it looks like around half the space is full. What I’d like to know is when Feingold spoke on Tuesday – that could be a contributor to the crowd size as well.

    At the DPW convention, for example, Governor Doyle was the last to speak on the opening night. While full in the beginning of his speech, towards the end the DPW convention hall was about half full.