Why did Walker abandon the Brown Bag movement?

I am curious. Anyone with inside info?


  1. Because his campaign is floundering…

  2. Personally, I blame the “make your own” app.

  3. Aw, but making our own versions is fun, dang it all.

    Another good question would be why is he saturating his own home market with radio and TV ads. That, as I understand it, is never a good sign for a candidate.

  4. I couldn’t find a copy of that advertisement. Do you really think that was it? (PS – Send me a link!)

    No, playing to the base this late in the game is not a good thing. You are supposed to be moving to the middle by now.

  5. To be honest, with all of the negative stories going around, Walker isn’t going to be elected. Barrett will surely win. Barrett’s a hero in the eyes of many, and I’m sure people are not satisfied that Milwaukee County is expected to have 26 furlough days this year.

  6. Barrett is a hero? To who? For what? Getting beat up? Something tells me you must be a hero too, Anthony.

  7. Nice one Dan!

    I must have missed something, did he abandon the Brown Bag movement? The brown bag ads are still running and the web site is up. Granted there’s some new ads without the brown bag, but I don’t think he’s dropped it.

    As far as saturating the ‘home’ market, Neumann is too, although I grant you Milwaukee is not his home base. I’ve always contended that Walker had a reasonable chance of winning Milwaukee County (I think that’s slipping), for which I was jumped on as being irrational. But, if he’s going to win the governor’s seat, then he has to win Milwaukee County – or at least make it a horse race. Since everyone thinks I am off my rocker on that one, then I’d say his saturation of the market (and Neumann’s) is a natural extension of the need to win Milwaukee County (which would be historic for a conservative) if you are going to win Wisconsin. I’ve always thought it’d be a tight race here locally for Walker, and I think his spending is showing that. All that said, I’ve been out-state for a good portion of the last two months, and can tell you that if you think Walker/Neumann are saturating the local market, then they are flooding out-state. I was actually surprised at the amount of ads (on TV) that I saw for both candidates, and I wasn’t in Dane County at all!

  8. His last two or three advertising releases have been sans bag. I haven’t seen it in a while, but maybe you have. And yes, it’s on the website.

    So no one can be governor without winning Milwaukee County? I guess I don’t understand that one given no one has been governor coming from Milwaukee County in a long while. I guess I’ll dig around on that one.

  9. I may have bitten into conjecture from past elections, but I believe the Governor of WI has won Milwaukee and Dane counties in all of the elections in the recent past. Although I do have to admit I would find it surprising that Tommy Thompson won both in all his elections. Here’s 2006 – http://www.uselectionatlas.org/RESULTS/state.php?fips=55&year=2006&f=0&off=5&elect=0

    I’ll see if I can find more…

  10. That site goes back to 1990. For all elections that year and since, the winner won Milwaukee County (including Thompson!). Thompson did not carry Dane County in 1990 and 1998, but the winner did carry Dane in all other years.

    So I guess I have to correct post #7 to say it’d be historic for a ‘Milwaukee’ conservative to win Milwaukee County, looks like Elroy conservatives had no problem 🙂

  11. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    They will phase out the brown bag gimmick. The new commercials with the gray background are not great. Near the end of these commercials, Walker has a cheesy look on his face… that will make voters wonder if they can trust him.

  12. Love, love, love it when you do the dirty work, bdad. I had questioned the same about Thompson.

  13. Jonas, the last couple of spots do look like they came together unexpectedly. I still wonder what’s going on, but I may have to concede I’ll never know.

  14. Ohhhh, cheesy look? I do have to go see for myself. That could be good for a caption contest or something.

  15. Oh dear. I just watched the newest one. Is he really trying to imply that he fixed the pension problems?

    Cindy, do you want to do the fact check on this one, or should I?

  16. Scott Walker has several flaws that are glaring:

    1 .He is in bed with Charlie Sykes (a known adulterer and cheater)

    2. He is one dimensional ( cut cut cut)

    3. While MMSD overflows are troubling after a natural disaster, two rapes and a death at the Mental Health Complex are even worse after man-made budget cuts and neglect!

  17. Well, I have to say the thought of being “in bed with Charlie Sykes” pretty much took care of my morning toast and peanut butter.