But, but, but, Daniel Bice…

Did Neumann have the water heaters inspected?

A week before the primary, this is the best Bice can do. A little Bellingesque, don’t you think?

Neumann is 26 years in business and Bice found 2 unhappy people. This is an attempt by the MJS to be fair to the two Republican candidates, so they rolled it out on a Friday before a three day weekend.

And I’m supposed to get all upset. A Walker blogger called it to my attention this morning. They desperately want something to get in the way of Neumann’s momentum, but this won’t be it.


  1. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    Get ready… get set… this is the story… before the big story… about more troubles for Scott Walker. Maybe this is Dan Bice’s way of covering himself – making it look like he’s even-handed. I know there’s more in the can about Scott Walker.

  2. Plus there’s the budget he won’t release. There’s no way those numbers can look good this time around.

  3. Cindy, let’s not forget the additional 4 furlough days Walker had to impose recently because his budget fell apart once again.