Ooooh! Wittle Scottie Walker put his boxing gloves back on!

He’s ready to take out Mark Neumann now. Heck at least he acknowledged Mark Neumann’s existence. (And it really wasn’t Walker brave enough to step into the ring, it was voice-over guru Keith Gilkes.)

So how long do you think the Walker camp pitched that story to Dan Bice before Bice took advantage of a slow news day and wrote it up?

In other news, Scott Walker flushed a toilet in Wauwatosa today. Three more raindrops and it will all be in Lake Michigan.

Update – it just dawned on me – look at that title – Walker’s campaign is acknowledging Neumann will be running Wisconsin.

They are also calling him “congressman.” That’s a huge clue the professional politician label is sticking to Walker.


  1. Grow up

  2. Never. 😉

    Really, though, Fred, why do you think they are calling him “Congressman Mark Neumann” now? Do you think it was a good call by Walker’s staff to pursue this story? It would be great to have some Real Debate on this one.

  3. There are plenty more than 2 people in Milwaukee County that find Walker’s management egregious.

    The Bice story was pathetic enough, as journalism.

    The Walker statement exposes raw fear. Take note. Walker was the first to ‘go negative.’


    this may not be the right place but here goes. from the campaign slogan of a chicken in every pot to the time of a time for a change politicians have sought to influence the minds of average voters. at least a chicken in your pot could land in your stomach. today it is from all of the same to more of the same. pols pay money to create issues like— less government, cut spending, lower taxes and more jobs. that is not overly inventive. the only issue today is to be elected to office, whatever it takes. in the past the political parties decided on the platform and the candidates obeyed. today the candidates take no chances and would rather get votes than promote their convictions. humpty dumpty sat on the wall and had a great fall and all the politicians could not agree on how to put him back together again. So be it.

  5. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    @Dick Steinberg. Very, very well said.

  6. I have to agree. That’s quite profound.

  7. Granted, it’s an internet poll, but I did not expect to see this result:

    Although, maybe people who frequent the business journal will be voting for the guy who’s in business.

  8. I was a little surprised by the final also. Walker led in the beginning, at around 200 vote tally. (Walker is trying to ‘sell’ himself as a CEO type in his latest ads, but I don’t think voters find that believable.)

    About 1000 people also voted in the post debate online survey on the tv station website and I believe Neumann beat Walker in that with over 70% going to Neumann. So perhaps the unscientific polls are tapping a voter vibe going in Neumann’s favor?