Walker draws numbers drastically less than expected

That’s the language from WBAY in this report:

I’d say. Not surprisingly, the Walker campaign did not tweet photos from their Walker for Sportsmen event. In fact, they’ve been rather quiet the last week.


  1. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    Walker looks tired and not so energetic in this story. Keith Gilkes must have shown him some poll numbers.

  2. Walker looked defeated. If you go by body language, he is not feeling good about the race.

    My question. What kind of professional organization expects and plans for over 300 people and draws only 20, tops? Something is off with the communication. Those empty chairs lined up in rows is a strong visual for voters.

    Organizers should have pulled some of the seating.

  3. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    The brown bag movement is off its game. No one is buying it anymore. It’s a fraud.

    I think “defeated” is the right word for how Scott Walker looked. You could see it in his eyes.

    You have to understand that Scott Walker and his campaign knows exactly where they are vulnerable right now – and probably understands where the investigation into Darlene Wink and Tim Russell is headed. My guess is this is going to be a bigger problem soon.

  4. Jonas. So, even with scandal-a-brewing, would that change a Walker supporter’s vote?

    Walker supporters I’ve discussed this race with are not willing to hear anything negative about their guy – even if it is factual.

  5. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    @RL: I agree. Walker supporters are very loyal to Walker.

    Consider a few other things:

    1) There is a segment of independent minded Republicans that could sway the primary to Neumann’s advantage.

    2) If Walker continues to take hits – or if a major scandal breaks or expands – it will depress Walker’s vote on September 14th.

    3) There is a segment of Walker supporters that are growing frustrated by Walker’s problems and campaign missteps. There is growing frustration regarding decisions made by R.J. Johnson. Republican insiders in Madison and Milwaukee are not happy.

  6. Jonas. So you are saying the contest is about to get really interesting. 🙂

  7. I doubt there’s really anything going on. The DA is mostly a Dem shop. It wouldn’t do anyone any good to toss Walker under the bus a week before the primary. If anything’s there, they’d save it for the general.

  8. Well, I’m rooting for Walker. All the easier for us Dems in the fall.

  9. Which would completely blow my crossover theory. Well that lasted for 24 hours. Or less. 🙂

  10. Cindy, I disagree regarding the DA’s office. If they had something that could derail Walker’s campaign, it would make more sense to release it before the partisan primary and cripple him, in the hope that he’d lose the primary to Neumann.

  11. Zach. What if the Dems think Walker is the weaker candidate – one they can easily take out if they release the ‘stuff’ on Walker after the primary, and get an easy win with a a character-wounded opponent. Maybe they don’t have anything on Neumann to take him out.

  12. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    If I were a Democrat, I would probably want to run against Scott Walker in the General Election. I think a previous straw poll at the 2009 DPW State Convention confirmed that.

    @Zach. I am curious why there hasn’t been anything on Darlene Wink yet. I believe an investigation is still on-going but I could be wrong. So, with Tim Russell, it could drag. I don’t think the DA’s office is intentionally holding up anything at anyone’s expense or favor, but investigations do take time.

  13. Jonas, I can’t speak to why the Wink/Russell thing has dragged on, except that maybe the DA’s office didn’t have the ability to do a thorough forensic examination of their computers, so they were sent out to be looked at by an expert.

    Either that or Wink/Russell aren’t being cooperative.