My Election Wish List

What will be my favorite outcome of the national elections on November 2nd ? Not what you might expect except on the 37 governors’ races. I hope Republicans follow the lead of my state and elect as many of their own as possible. In the Senate I would like to see the Democrats lose 9 seats leaving that august body with 50 from each party. Vice President Biden would then be forced to sometimes cast the deciding vote but we all know to accomplish anything of substance in the Senate a party needs the 60 vote majority. In the House a perfect election result for me would be the Republicans gaining 39 seats for a total of 217 members. This would leave the Dems in charge with 218 members and the ability to pretty much accomplish nothing.

Why in the world would I wish for this outcome when even the Democrats are saying privately they will lose the House. It’s simple. With the Dems still in charge the worst, least qualified, and inept President in my lifetime (yes, worse than Carter) will have a much less chance of being re-elected in 2012. Yes, I know this leaves Pelosi as Speaker and yes I also know about the committee assignments and chairpersons. But considering what this guy has done to our Country in less than two years makes the top priority of 2012 assuring he does not get re-elected. Yea, I know most Americans want to repeal Obama Care but that can wait another two years. In fact, as more of the plan becomes effective and people see what it really will cost and what it won’t cover, it’ll be even easier to repeal and/or defund it.

I have always felt our country runs smoother and more effectively when Congress essentially has it’s hands tied-as it would under my wish list. Rest assured that with a Republican House and/or Senate, the blame game, at which the Democrats are much better than the Republicans, will be in our faces constantly for the next 2 years. The MSM, Hollywood, academia, and the press will make sure we are reminded daily that the Republicans are in charge. The backlash to this will be to re-elect Obama to maintain balance. I would prefer that not happen. The economy, as it always does, will improve regardless of which party is in power.

That’s my wish list for the election but I’m pretty sure it won’t happen that way.


  1. How pathetic it was to read this and see you guffaw about an inept president from one side of the mouth, and fantasize about gridlock from the other. You’d rather play politics than govern.

    You’ll no doubt come back and say that surely I criticized Bush. Sure, yeah, I did a lot. But this is a whole new kinda crazy, Randy.

    And no doubt you’ll say that you and your ilk have been forced into hoping for failure, when i fact, it has been your guys’ refusal to come to the table that has got us half way up shit creek!

    The American Taliban and their phony patriotism at its best (worst?), right here.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    When those on the left have no ideas or principles to promote their viewpoint, they use words like pathetic, guffaw, playing politics, phony, and also utilize general name calling to make their point.

    When I consider how Obamacare was passed and neither the Republicans in Congress nor the American people were invited to the table or even allowed to look into the dinning room , your words are just that-words. And if I’m wrong then you have nothing to worry about on November 2nd. The same people that voted for Obama in 2008 will return to the polls and vote in those in Congress and the governorships that support his message and philosophy of governing.

  3. The method by which Obamacare passed really does render the bill illegitimate.

    Lorax, governing is not winner takes all. Governing demands careful attention to real issues. However, if the other side is playing winner takes all, the only defense is to block by all methods possible.

    I’m not that old, but I’ve watched politics for a while. I’m also someone to respect history. No president has ever set the stakes so high just for the sake of winning.

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    Talk about politics. Today, in most of your back yards, the President, in campaign mode, broke out a $50 Billion pie in the sky plan to fix our country’s infrastructure. Why is it political ? Because it has zero chance of getting off the ground and will never be passed into law. His own Democrats will certainly not support this measure legislatively prior to the election and post election it will be dead in the water. But they can give it lip service in their campaigns in states where unions can lick their chops and fire up the vote.

    Somebody in Milwaukee messed up on the backdrop for his speech. There was a black man, a black woman, a white man, a white woman, a latina man, a latina woman, and a child. I didn’t see someone of asian descent.

  5. Funny, Randy, I noticed the missing Asian, too! Don’t you wish you lived in Milwaukee today?

  6. If this was winner-take-all, we’d have universal healthcare. But it wasn’t. There were many, many concessions.

  7. Lorax – Please do enumerate the many, many concessions that the Democrats made while the Republicans were at the table (and they were) to garner their support of the healthcare agenda.