Bader bails from the Walker pontoon

So, who’s next?


  1. Like Capper’s cartoon from a few posts back, I’d say it is Walker’s Titanic, not a pontoon. Pontoon is so idyllic. Not so sure the mood is idyllic on the Walker watercraft right now.

    I had a very recent conversation with a person who has been an ardent pro-Walker, anti-Neumann voter. Now, suddenly, very, very friendly to me. Made me wonder. I openly welcome any Walker supporters who are now uncomfortable with his character to join Neumann, now. Better to see the light pre-primary, than to have been duped and lose the election in November because of what explodes inside the brown bag. (No violence intended, just happen to think the worst is yet to come about all Walker has been running from – there is a lot more than 2 hams on wheat stuffed into that brown bag.)

  2. Reading Bader he doesn’t indicate he’s bailed on Walker, just that he is disappointed Walker has stooped to Neumann’s level in negative campaigning, and that the race is tighter than he thought.

  3. Well if he hasn’t jumped, he’s distanced himself enough that he’ll claim no connection when Walker loses.