Hey GOP, can you not screw it up this time?

From CNN:

“Now, a lot of those voters appear to be bolting to the GOP,” Holland said. “Republicans now have a whopping 38-point advantage on the generic ballot among voters who dislike both parties.”

Sure it’s promising, but only if the old GOP power mongers realize there’s a new voice that should be recognized.

(Reading between the lines, that’s one that sounds a lot like me.)


  1. Now that the issue of which party will control the House is settled, I think the more interesting question will be who will be speaker. I wonder whether Boehner will survive or whether a more conservative leader will emerge? Even more interesting would be whether McConnell would emerge as majority leader should the R’s retake the Senate…I’m betting not.

  2. I reject the idea that the GOP is moving to a more conservative stance – at least the conservative previously defined. I argue the country is moving in a practical or even fairly conservative stance. At risk of offending my more prudent readers, think of it as a no bullshit conservative. (Maybe that was my Oklahoma upbringing?)

    Any self-proclaimed conservative of this next cycle must be fully transparent. No more bashing gays and hiding in the closet. No more fiscal watchdog flying around the world on the taxpayer’s dime.

    I’ve heard a few people whine that I’m not loyal to the GOP calling. The problem is, I expect so much more from them than they’ve delivered. I’m very loyal. But I’m also very demanding. A poltician doesn’t have to walk on water to please me; they have to confess their humanity and then walk around in their underwear. (So to speak. 🙂 )

  3. Oh, let’s not confuse “conservative” with “GOP”. They are very different animals. This is exactly why I wonder whether Bohener will make it and doubt McConnell would.

    McConnell is the poster child for comity (and perhaps comedy) in the Senate. He and his GOP elite are the key reason that we have a govt. that is out of control. The only principle that he and his kind have are to ensure their reelection. Everything else is subject to negotiation.

    While Boehner talks a better game, I’m not sure in the end, that he is any more capable of leading a conservative agenda. I’m afraid that he too will be more concerned about his leadership position and not using it to course correct the last 4 years.

    Finally, regarding the GOP moving to a more conservative position…it ain’t happening. the GOP is being dragged, kicking and screaming, to a more conservative position only because its new members will reflect that. No, the rulers of the GOP nationally, and at most state levels as well, are still firmly set in their, “we’re not as bad as them,” mentality. I’m hoping we begin the eradication of that tier of “leaders” but it will take a long time and a completely separate battle from the one that is being waged for the November elections.

  4. Yes, Shoebox, a completely separate battle.

    I love the way you write. It’s like listening to a wiser, calmer me.

  5. Oh, hey…BTW, I thought you had given this up…blogging that is.

  6. I tried. I really did. But it’s a part of me I couldn’t deny. I think the key is to not burn out.

    I’ve decided to keep it up until November and then decide again then. What political junkie could walk away from this midterm election and Wisconsin’s gubernatorial race?

  7. Randy in Richmond says:

    Well put. I particularly like how you want to correct the past 4 years. Most would simply let the past 2 years roll off their tongues akin to the past 8 years that became the mantra of others. They’ve changed that now to ‘ don’t go back’ which translated means “we don’t want to talk about the past 18-24 months”. I think it’s funny.

    I believe Boehner is in and McConnell is probably 50/50. Both parties reward longevity and loyality which will probably be the case here. I would prefer newer, more conservative blood myself but when compared to when ‘ Harry met Nancy’, Boehner and McConnell look a lot better. As you said it will be a process but hopefully 2010 will be a beginning to that end.

  8. “longevity and loyalty” is what got us McCain. It is also what has brought us the “we’re not as bad as them” crowd leading the GOP.

    The Founding Fathers never viewed politics as a career. They viewed it as they stated it i.e. public service. They came to serve, usually at the price of reduced earnings, did so for a couple of terms and returned to their livlihood. This approach had many benefits not the least of which is that they didn’t pass laws that applied to everyone else but themselves.

    Longevity and loyalty are great to have in friends but they are the enemy of our Constitution.

  9. Washington DC will not change. It is impossible to change that system from within. Ain’t gonna happen, no matter how badly it needs to happen.