In honor of those who labor

Labor Day.

As a kid it marked the end of summer and white shoes and purses. As an adult, and especially after the Wisconsin law to start school after September 1, it meant the beginning of the school routine.

Today it seems to stand as a bright dividing line between Democrats and Republicans. Obama is Labor (capital l); Republicans push back against anything Obama. I reject that manipulation of this honorable day.

If not for those who labored, this nation would not have been grown. Sure, there’s as much big business in the union organizations as any Fortune 500 company now, but in the beginning there was simply a group who organized to barter respect for their hard work. There was sweat and blisters and cracked hands. Beards iced over from breathing in below zero winds. There were women riveting cars and aircraft. And every once in a while it was a guy with a broken toe from someone dropping the conduit on his foot. ( 🙂 )

We are America because we have labored. Reject the commercialization of those who organize labor.

Respect the laborer.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    As someone who proudly lives in a ‘ right to work’ state that just closed out a budget with a surplus, I sincerely agree with you.