Here’s the Scott Walker hit advert

Klauser should be really really embarrassed by now.

All that Walker complaining early on was a campaign technique, not fact. Why in the world should Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker be rewarded for his failures as a career politician? Just like Jeff Speaker a few years ago, Walker is fighting for his life.

After all – his pension is on the line.


  1. So Neumann’s voting record isn’t admissible? The ad is accurate, but I wish they would have also included the fact that Neumann was the ONLY Wisconsin Republican to vote for those controversial laws. Instead of linking Neumann to Pelosi, they should have linked him to some other Wisconsin Democrats that supported it, like Tom Barrett…

  2. actually if you bother to look up the actual roll call vote that is cited in the ad, Tom Barrett voted NO.

  3. Of course his voting record stands.

    What you guys can’t come up with is the text supporting his mailer’s claim that it was the “infamous Bridge to Nowhere” or a road in Canada. That bridge wasn’t funded by name until 2005.

    Prove those statements. It should be easy for a guy as well connected as you are.

  4. John Sawyer says:

    umm.. Petri also voted for that bill. And Petri endorsed Walker. If Walker says Neumann is like Pelosi because of this one vote, then he is saying all 143 republicans who voted for this bill are like Pelosi, including Petri. Not a smart move for an establishment candidate.

  5. Politifact weighs in, but only on whether it’s appropriate to compare Neumann to Pelosi. They seem to take the rest of the claims as accurate. Wonderful ‘in depth’ analysis again (NOT).

  6. I saw that. Thanks for the link.