Mark Neumann’s advertising response

I’m glad to see this one. It’s going to be an honor to vote for such a deserving candidate.


  1. I began this primary strongly for Walker. When my dad told me more about Neumann, I became undecided. I did some research and started leaning towards Neumann.

    The ineptness of the Walker campaign has sealed the deal. I hope Walker gets destroyed in this primary.

  2. I just talked to someone today who was a Walker supporter, got the negative Walker mailer this weekend and expressed disappointment over the turn Walker had made. I don’t think this was good strategy for Walker. They must be frantic in the Walker campaign if they would take this risk to to slam Neumann with the slim hope it would secure more votes. Not working.

  3. I wonder if instead of defining a close race, Walker’s work defined Neumann’s win instead.

    I will say I’ve heard it’s not really Walker making these calls, but the people he’s got running the campaign. I’ve had two people last week tell me they are choosing not to support Walker because of the company he keeps.

  4. If Walker does not have veto power over his own advisers, how can he be capable of state governance? Seriously. This is leadership?

  5. Ooh. Good point.

  6. John Sawyer says:

    FL, it’s the same leadership that takes credit for the few good things in Milwaukee County and finds someone else to blame for all the bad things in Milwaukee County.

  7. Unintended consequence: My friend was so mad when she got Walker’s negative mailer that she went to Neumann’s website and made a donation.

    JS. Yup. That’s what I hear about Walker and MC. He can stay put.

  8. I thought the Walker mailers were just going into the valley but I got one here today. He must be more desperate than we thought.

  9. Jonas Wilkerson says:

    Establishment Republicans and Team Walker have made the argument that Mark Neumann running in the Republican Primary against Scott Walker will destroy our chances to take back the governor’s office. Quite honestly, I think Walker is doing a pretty good job at destroying those chances on his own. He hasn’t needed Mark Neumann’s help.

  10. Deserving? Dude ran negative for a year, then proclaim clean status in the last week?

    Amazing you fell for it.

    Didja see the latest reporting figure, Newmann raised $2.2 million.

    $2.1 million of it he loaned his own campaign.

  11. Like I told Eggleston this afternoon, Fred, I find it remarkably disingenuous that you fault Mark Neumann for self-funding but find it an admirable trait in Ron Johnson.

    Mark Neumann is running a great campaign or your guy wouldn’t be quaking in his mailbox stuffers. You labeled it negative as a campaign tactic. It didn’t work.