America at risk: will exports soon crash?

Ok, I play in economics. I am not an economist. I love reading charts, though, and I’ve made some decent money with the hobby.

One chart that has served me well over and over is the classic Kondratiev wave.

The cycle looks like a cursive small r with a peak, a quick valley, a close to peak recovery followed by a gentle slope, and then a crash to the bottom.

Here’s the exports chart:

The gentle slope is forming on this one. I feel it in my bones. (Sorry, I use a lot of intuition in investing. Drives my husband nuts.)

Think for a minute. How drastically will America change if we have an exports crash?

Right. Not good at all. Batten down the hatches. It could really get ugly.

The exports chart is from Business Insider – Rosenberg: Here Are 13 Signs That We’re Actually In A Depression Right Now.