Hot in Cleveland

Back during the presidential campaign in 2008 I was still trying to learn who this Obama candidate was. I remember a statement he made at the time that I thought un-presidential and exhibited a lack of class. He said,“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” The same sort of feeling struck me again Monday with his adlibbed “they talk about me like a dog” comment. Because the President is in constant campaign mode, where he obviously feels comfortable, he apparently forgets or ignores that his words have consequences and being Presidential is just as important, if not more, than being political.

This lack of respect for the office of President continued today. There have been eleven different people in the Oval Office since my landing here and during all that time I do not remember a sitting President chastising or criticizing a fellow elected official, by name, in a public policy speech–not once, but numerous times. Of course head to head elections and former Democratic Presidents excepted. Apparently House Minority Leader John Boehner hit a nerve with his comments that the President should fire members of his economic team. And it was no coincidence that Obama’s speech today was in Cleveland, the same city Boehner spoke in two weeks ago, most likely a continuation of that “bring a gun” policy.

I didn’t agree with some of former President Clinton’s policies but I give him full credit, he was always Presidential in public and showed respect for the office he held. It’s a shame our present President does not appear to have the same respect for the position but maybe we should cut him some slack as he is learning on the job–as he had zero management experience prior to being elected.


  1. I agree. Obama doesn’t seem to understand he’s president all the time, not just when he’s reading the teleprompter.

    By the way, I love that show! I’m a huge Betty White fan.